Writing for Reporters

Although you're trying to reach both people and search engines with your EON: Enhanced Online News press release, you may be trying to reach one particular group of people: Reporters! The following tips will help make your press release more useful to the media.

1. Write succinctly. Short headlines, one-sentence leads and short paragraphs help readability. Paragraphs of six to eight lines are preferred.

2. Avoid jargon and self-serving hyperbole.

3. Strive for clarity. If you get lost in your own construction, so will your reader.

4. Don't assume reporters will remember your annual event, or run the same story year after year. Provide a fresh angle for the story.

5. Answer this question: why should the reader care?

6. Choose the active voice over the passive voice whenever possible.

7. Always provide an after-hours number for questions. And if you're unreachable, make someone available who can answer questions.

8. Choose a knowledgeable storyteller to act as your spokesperson. An informed contact is a great aid to your story, and to the journalist.

9. When announcing personnel changes, include the profiles and ages of those involved. Linking to an online profile, either on your own site or a site like LinkedIn®, is a great way to accomplish this.

10. Offer your company's expert as a source of information. Share tips, background, or news. Reporters will remember you in the long run.

Writing for Search and Readers

Now that you’re armed with tips for reaching reporters, take a look at our article on how to write a press release. We also have plenty of free resources from blog posts to white papers to webinars on optimizing your releases.