Press Release Terms

Confused about press release terminology? The EON: Enhanced Online News glossary helps to explain some of the key terms used when reading about assembling effective web-friendly press releases.


By hyperlinking text and images, you can direct readers to different webpages on your website and across the Internet.

Hyperlinked words and phrases are important to search engines and readers alike, as they indicate key terms within your release. For effective hyperlinking, point to specific pages designed to meet reader expectations.


Keywords are words and phrases that are important to your company. These are typically words that web surfers use to research or make purchasing decisions about your products or services.

In the context of press releases, you want to identify and reinforce important keywords so your press release will have the best chance of being displayed for key terms used by search engine users.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is the process of analyzing your press release text to both determine your most effective keywords and optimize keyword usage within your release text.

Keyword Density

Keyword density refers to the frequency a given keyword is used in your release text. For instance, if your press release is 100 words and your keyword is used twice, the keyword density for that keyword would be 2% (2 divided by 100).

Long Tail

The Long Tail is a concept born out of a Wired magazine article written by Chris Anderson Opens in new window. It can refer to the wide range of specific niche content sought out by searchers and news consumers across the web.

Publishing your releases forever on EON can boost your release's chances of being found by searchers over the long run.


Multimedia refers to any photos, videos, audio files, animation or graphics added to your release.

Our studies have also found that adding multimedia increases traffic to press releases by up to 70%.

Press Release

A press release can be many things, but essentially it is a public announcement from your company or organization designed to be useful to reporters, news consumers, financial analysts and others. Press releases may cover topics such as:

  • Product or service announcements
  • Promotion or new hire
  • Special event
  • Company reaction or statement on industry news

Press releases are often used as the basis for or to supplement news story creation, to support purchasing decisions or to learn more about a company or organization. Press releases are also frequently called "news releases."

Press Release Optimization

Press Release Optimization is the combination of techniques and technologies you can use to increase your press release's chances of being ranked highly by search engines as well as being found, seen, and shared by readers online.

Rich Text Formatting

Rich Text formatting refers to text formatted with bold, italics, bullet points, numbered lists and other text formatting features available when publishing your releases on EON: Enhanced Online News. Both readers and search engines like to see rich text formatting indicate important content and keywords within the release body.


RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a technology which allows web publishers to syndicate and share their content with interested readers. Every release on EON is published to relevant RSS feeds and delivered directly to interested readers.


SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEM is a marketing discipline centered on driving traffic to and building awareness to your company via search engine traffic. Press releases are often a key component of SEM campaigns.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the art and science of optimizing and promoting content to maximize performance in search engines.


SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. It's the list of search results that appear after you type keywords into a search engine. Each major search engine uses its own method of ranking pages and determining results.

Press releases will most often show up in Organic SERPs or News SERPs.

Target Categories

EON provides a wide list of target categories you can select for your press releases. They are used to categorize releases and create relevant RSS feeds for readers. To better optimize your release, choose accurate target categories for industry, subject, and geography.

Website Preview

Each EON release has the option to embed a website of your choosing, which will be displayed in the website preview window at the bottom of your release. This is a free feature included with each EON release.