Charter School Capital Invests in Ohio

Organization provides working capital and facilities financing to charter schools

CLEVELAND--()--Attendees to the 7th Annual Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools Conference will be introduced to a new entrant to the Ohio education scene, one that has the potential to reshape the way charters do business in the state. Portland, OR-based Charter School Capital has a long track record of success when it comes to providing working capital and facilities financing options to charters. The organization – which provides resources and expertise to help schools achieve their goals – is now working with schools in the Buckeye State.

“We are thrilled to be offering our services in Ohio”

“We are thrilled to be offering our services in Ohio,” explains Stuart Ellis, CEO of Charter School Capital. “Charter schools, particularly earlier stage schools, often need capital assistance to deliver on the promise of a great education. Computers, facilities, textbooks – a school is an expensive operation. That’s why Charter School Capital is here; we’re going to make sure Ohio’s charters have the support they need to be successful.”

Approximately one in 18 public students in Ohio already attends a charter school, a trend that is expected to grow. One leading school network is I CAN SCHOOLS, a Cleveland-based charter network founded by local teachers. The network began with uncertain finances and unlikely growth prospects, though it soon changed thanks to a partnership with Charter School Capital. The organization made it possible for I CAN SCHOOLS to not only find stable financial footing, but also meet their ambitious goal of expanding the network to seven campuses by this year.

An aggressive growth strategy is essential to I CAN SCHOOLS’ mission to educate as many students as possible, especially those low-income and minority students who have not been well served by traditional public schools. The network plans to continue expansion in Ohio and is considering entering additional states within the decade. The capital funding and industry knowledge brought by Charter School Capital will be invaluable resources to I CAN SCHOOLS as they grow.

“We’re able to speak confidently now about growth thanks to Charter School Capital,” says Marshall Emerson III, co-founder and CEO, I CAN SCHOOLS. “Banks don’t get it sometimes. Charter School Capital was able to assist with advice about the financial landscape. They have been very willing to make connections and make introductions that help us.”

Growth potential for charters in Ohio is expected to remain strong, thanks to support from legislators such as Governor John Kasich and Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman. Charter School Capital is excited to now be on the ground in the state, working with charter school leaders to ensure that they have what they need to continue doing what they do best: educating Ohio’s students.

“The great state of Ohio has made a real commitment to providing quality education to its students,” concludes Ellis. “State leaders understand that the flexibility and new ideas charters introduce into the school system create a rising tide that eventually lifts everyone up. There is tremendous opportunity in the state to expand charters and really innovate in education, and Charter School Capital will be a partner to Ohio’s charter schools every step of the way.”

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