Best Acne Treatment - Exposed Skin Care's Amazing Survey Results

One of the Best Acne Products - Exposed Skin Care Scores an A+ on Clearer Skin

FRANKLIN, Mass.--()--"After using Exposed Skin Care products for 30 days, nearly 100 percent of consumers have clearer skin, reports new survey."

“Exposed Skin Care addresses all of the underlying causes of blemishes using a proprietary blend of science and nature.”

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Incredible Results

"According to a worldwide survey of Exposed Skin Care clients, 98 percent report clearer skin just a few weeks after they started using the products," and 96 percent report healthier looking skin and improved skin tone in addition to the elimination of blemishes. Their comments shed even more light on their experiences:

One woman said that her skin was 100 percent better. A 42-year-old woman said that her skin was more beautiful and youthful looking than it had ever been in her entire life, and still another woman said that she was fighting off compliments from friends and co-workers all day long since starting to use the products.

The Integration of Science and Nature

Most anti-blemish skin creams only target one or two of the causes of blemishes, and in light of this, they fail to make skin clearer. "Exposed Skin Care addresses all of the underlying causes of blemishes using a proprietary blend of science and nature."

The science behind the formula works to kill acne-causing bacteria and regulate oils and sebum. At the same time, the natural elements in the formula clean pores and revitalize skin while reducing redness and swelling. Together, science and nature work seamlessly in this formula to address not one or two but all of the causes of acne development.

Natural Beauty

The Exposed Skin Care recipe integrates ingredients like passion flower and sage extract that have been used in the skin care regimes of native populations for centuries for a more natural acne treatment. Additions like aloe vera and licorice root are also well known around the world for being beneficial to skin, and natural elements like green tea are included because they have been scientifically as well as anecdotally proven to work.

Hard Science

Many skincare products on the market include ingredients like benzoyl peroxide that have been scientifically-proven to help skin look better, but the scientists at Exposed Skin Care have approached these ingredients in new ways. Based on over a decade of research, these scientists have discovered innovative ways to include these ingredients in their formulas so that they can maximize their potential. Benzoyl peroxide, for example, is encapsulated so that it can release into the skin slowly and thus create a more lasting effect.

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No Risk

Although nearly 100 percent of the people who use Exposed Skin Care products report clearer skin in the first month, the company understands how uncertain many new clients may feel when they first learn about these products.

By the time most consumers discover Exposed Skin Care, they have probably spent countless years and thousands of dollars trying to improve their skin. They may feel frightened or even hopeless about the prospect of trying yet another product.

Exposed Skin Care understands this, and to protect these vulnerable clients, they offer a no-risk trial. Clients are given thirty days to try the products, and if they haven't seen results or they decide they don't like the products for any reason, they can return them for a full refund, minus the cost of shipping.

"365-Day Refund Policy"

In spite of the no-risk policy, most clients never return their Exposed Skin Care products, and most clients actually become long-standing customers of the company. However, to be sure that no one is ever stuck with products that they don't want or need, the company has an additional 365-day refund program. If a client changes their mind about these products at anytime during the first year of owning them, they can return their unopened products for a full refund.

American Made

Founded in 2002 in Washington state, Exposed Skin Care is an American company with more than 100,000 customers from all over the world. Since their inception, they have been working with scientists to constantly improve their recipe, and their efforts have paid off as they now produce one of the world's best solutions for clearer skin.

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