LifeProof iPhone Case Review: Is It Really Waterproof & Virtually Invincible? Read Before You Buy

New report from analysts at As Seen on TV Review Source test runs the LifeProof iPhone case, to see whether it stands up to the elements and does indeed life-proof your best friend. Click Lifeproof iPhone Case Review & Coupons below for full review and coupons.

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“This is a hotly-contested market, and one in which LifeProof seems to be attracting an enormous fan base, due to a combination of functionality, design and aesthetics”

A few weeks ago, Apple announced its dramatic quarter end results [1] for 2013, in which it shared the news that it had sold 37.4 million iPhones in the quarter, a leap of nearly 10% year on year. The iPhone is a major part of our lives, and as such, complementary products are rapidly being developed to help us get the best from our iPhone. In a brand new report, As Seen on TV Review Source trials the LifeProof iPhone case, to test whether it lives up to its claims of military-grade specification and ‘four-proof’ protection against water, snow, dirt and shocks.

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The LifeProof iPhone case is part of a range of Apple product protectors, which also features cases designed for iPods, iPads and iPad Minis. Lifeproof just announced its new iPad Mini Lifeproof to their product line. Its iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S protection cases have been designed to provide optimum protection without bulk, adding just 1.5mm to each edge of the phone and allowing freedom to access the phone’s full functionality. The iPad Mini case has just been released! Get The New Water, Drop, Snow, And Dirt Case From LifeProof For $99 And Free Shipping At!

How Does Lifeproof Add Up?

“This is a hotly-contested market, and one in which LifeProof seems to be attracting an enormous fan base, due to a combination of functionality, design and aesthetics,” stated Product Analyst for As Seen on TV Review Source, Brian Lemis in his Lifeproof iPhone Case Review. “The case, which costs around $80, has been rigorously tested and achieves military standards for protection against accidental drops from up to 6.6ft high and usage underwater to depths of 6.6ft. In addition, this product and the LifeProof range come highly recommended, winning multiple awards from websites including, and various outdoor gear manufacturers and forums.”

Using proprietary technology to dispel shocks to the ultra-thin back casing of the unit, the iPhone is now safeguarded against knocks, scrapes, scratches and cracked screens, making it the perfect complementary product to extend the life and looks of an iPhone.

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“Furthermore, it’s lightweight at under 28g, and has been made with functionality in mind; the manufacturers claim that all functions of an iPhone are still accessible whilst in the LifeProof casing and in fact, the speaker function has been enhanced by using the back of the case as a subwoofer for a richer sound,” continued Lemis.

Lemis’ Lifeproof iPhone case review covers all aspects of the LifeProof iPhone case, such as where to purchase, information on pricing and general market sentiment, as well as looking at a comparison against some of the other major competitors.

“The iPhone has become an integral part of our lives and we are quite lost without it,” Lemis concluded. “Anyone considering purchasing a protective tool to extend the life of their iPhone needs to ask themselves several questions about the manufacturer, technical specifications and limitations on functionality. I’ve included these questions and more in my full LifeProof iphone case review, to assist anyone in their research and purchase.”

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