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Millions of Nail-Fungus Sufferers May Now Find Relief through Funginix

FRANKLIN,Mass.--()--Nearly thirty-six million Americans suffer from nail fungus, according to a recent report by CBS News. Ashamed and embarrassed, these people hide their feet in closed-toe shoes regardless of the season or the temperature outside. Sadly, in most cases, their infected nails feel even worse than they look, but luckily, many of these people have now found respite through Funginix.

“We Highly Recommend Clicking This Link and Visit Funginix's Official Website for More Valuable Information”

"We Highly Recommend Clicking This Link and Visit Funginix's Official Website for More Valuable Information"

Multiple Causes but Few Solutions

ABC News claims that nail fungus happens when fungus is introduced to the areas near and around the fingernails or toenails. Although nail fungus can be contracted in many different ways and although it is an affliction that affects a significant portion of the population, many people struggle to get the treatment that they need. Unfortunately, some remedies are not strong enough to fight all of the problematic fungi. Without the right amount of protection, the fungus never gets completely eradicated, and these people are left to suffer even more pain and embarrassment.

Many People Hide Nail Fungus

The pain of nail fungus is now so prevalent that even the mainstream media is paying attention. According to Fox News, close to eight percent or more of all adult Americans experience nail fungus at some point in their lives, and for many people the problem is chronic. Because of the embarrassment surrounding nail fungus, many analysts think that the number of real sufferers may even be higher than the numbers suggested by the media. Fortunately, many of these people have found relief through Funginix.

Relief in Two Weeks

When asked to describe their experiences with Funginix, customers had glowing reports. Kathleen from Los Altos, CA said that her nails were thick and brown before she found Funginix. Now, Kathleen is ready to wear sandals again. Carol P. from Dallas, TX claimed the product is worth so much more than the manufacturers charge for it, and she reported important changes in her toenails within two weeks of the time she started using the product.

Although most Funginix users get relief right away, others may have to wait months before they see true changes in their nails. To understand why the process takes longer in some cases than others, it is important to understand the basics of nail fungus.

The nail bed of the fingers and toes are an incredibly hospitable environment for fungus. The combination of cool temperatures and ample protection allow the fungus to grow unchecked. As the fungus grows, it attacks the nail and causes it to turn yellow. As the nail becomes more infected, it becomes brittle and eventually, it may even crumble apart. The best line of defense is an early attack because once the area is completely infected, it may take up to six months to remove all of the fungus and allow a healthy nail to grow.

Cutting-Edge Science and Effective Natural Ingredients

"To effectively battle nail fungus, Funginix combines cutting edge research and tried-and-tested traditional methods." Each bottle of the topical salve contains the perfect blend of anti-fungal agents, natural essential oils, and anti-fungus extracts. Because Funginix treats fungus topically, users never have to worry about the potentially dangerous side effects associated with oral medication.

"We Highly Recommend Clicking This Link and Visit Funginix's Official Website for More Valuable Information"

Simple Application and Great Results

Funginix application is simple. For maximum results, users should try to keep their nails as clean as possible. Twice a day, they should apply Funginix using the easy-to-control applicator. Carol P. from Dallas suggests keeping a bottle at work or home where it is easily accessible. Once a user has applied Funginix under the nail bed and around the cuticle of the infected area, they simply have to wait for it to take affect. In many cases, users start to see results in just two weeks.

Thanks to the proprietary blend of ingredients in each bottle of Funginix, the number of people suffering from nail-fungus issues may decline in the near future. Many long-time sufferers may finally be able to access the relief that they deserve. Roxanne L. from Columbus, OH reported that she was once one of the millions of people who suffered from chronic toenail fungus. After seventeen years of struggling, Roxanne found Funginix, and she is now fungus-free. Many other Funginix users have reported similar tales of success.

The Best American Laboratories

Funginix is made by The Sisquoc Healthcare Corporation. Committed to excellence, the company prides themselves on using the best ingredients in the most effective combinations. A member of the Better Business Bureau and several other prominent trade organizations, The Sisquoc Healthcare Corporation produces their recipes in some of the best American laboratories, and they ship them to clients all over the globe.

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