Flex Belt Review & Coupon: Does the Flex Belt work?

SAN DIEGO--()--Nowadays, people will do anything for a perfect stomach considering the rising popularity of new cosmetic procedures such as “plastic surgery for six-pack abs.” Recently released, the latest research report by AwesomeAllDay.com sets out to determine whether the Flex Belt delivers results without resorting to extreme measures. See the full review here.

“the belt can be worn anywhere, at work, at home or walking to the shops. In 30 minutes, one can have a turbo-charged ab workout with little change in their daily routine.”

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The Flex Belt is an FDA-cleared ab toning belt, and has gone from strength to strength with a customer base of more than 2 million people worldwide and endorsements from actresses, athletes, celebrities, and personal trainers. After testing the product, Product Analyst Bill Bertens, found that its success lied in a combination of its sleek form factor for greater portabilty and its capability to deliver results.

In his review of the Flex Belt, Bertens states that "the belt can be worn anywhere, at work, at home or walking to the shops. In 30 minutes, one can have a turbo-charged ab workout with little change in their daily routine."

Using a slow but powerful contraction, the Flex Belt works all abdominal muscles together. The signals, transferred by three medical-grade gel pads placed throughout the belt, contact nerves where they're concentrated most and stimulate the muscles making them contract and relax naturally.

The electronic signals are sent to the abdominal and oblique muscles throughout the mid-section, working the muscles together at once. Users feel a slight pulsing and a subsequent tightening of the abdominals for a few seconds, before they relax. In each 30 minute session, the muscles contract and relax 150 times, for an innovative core workout. In trials, 100% of users felt their abs were more toned in six weeks.

"Although it produces significant results, it's not a miracle worker!" continued Bertens. "Unfortunately, you can't just sit on the sofa eating pizza and expect to develop a six pack. But coupled with a proper diet, the Flex Belt can bring impressive results. In 4 weeks, I dropped close to a couple of inches from my stomach and noticeably toned up my obliques."

The Flex Belt is one of the first ab belts cleared by the FDA and the newest model packs a punch with an increase of 50% more toning power. The intensity power varies from 1 to 150, so as the abdominals get stronger, the intensity can be increased for a more potent workout. The Flex Belt also includes ten distinct programs which were devised to keep pushing the body and encourage the user to dig deeper, to enhance the benefits.

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