10 Minute Trainer Reviews: Just Hype or Does it Really Deliver Results?

As Seen on TV Review Source product review company trials the 10 Minute Trainer, to determine whether ten minutes is really all it takes for a complete body transformation. For detailed review click 10 Minute Trainer Reviews below

SAN DIEGO--()--10 Minute Trainer Reviews: Recent figures suggest that the health and fitness industry is worth around $25 billion, as we continue to chase the perfect body. But for many of us, trying to fit in the medical industry’s recommended half an hour a day of exercise proves too difficult, as we try to balance the demands of careers, childcare, family and social commitments.

“The 10 Minute Trainer fits expertly with this new school of thought, working us hard for short bursts for optimum fitness and results.”

Research house As Seen on TV Review Source in its 10 Minute Trainer Reviews, recently reviewed the at-home workout market and crowned the 10 Minute Trainer champion of a highly competitive marketplace.

Brian Lemis has conducted in depth 10 Minute Trainer reviews to establish its place in the marketplace.

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“Although we often embark on a new exercise program with the best of intentions, we either get bored quite quickly or we just can’t fit in the time,” said Product Analyst for As Seen on TV Review Source, Brian Lemis. “I reviewed the market to look for a workout that delivered results at the same time as being geared towards today’s busy consumer, and it was very clear that the 10 Minute Trainer was going to tick those boxes, as well as having a wide enough range to keep its users keen and committed.”

10 Minute Trainer is a range of cardio, core and muscle workouts that have been crystallized into ten power-packed minutes, designed to work every area of the body. Its creator is fitness guru Tony Horton, whose previous successes include the P90X program, and it is stated that each 10 minute workout burns more calories than a half hour run. Horton’s proprietary training techniques include the ‘Super Stacks’; the equivalent of monster moves that work several muscle groups at once.

“The most recent revelation in the fitness space is that short bursts of high intensity exercise is better for all-round fitness levels and results than sustained activities like running or cycling,” continued Lemis. “The 10 Minute Trainer fits expertly with this new school of thought, working us hard for short bursts for optimum fitness and results.”

Lemis’ report covers both the pros and cons of the 10 Minute Trainer, as well as key information about product packages, shipping and customer feedback. “In a very congested market, it’s easy to be seduced by the promise of results, but for many of us, the commitment required for many of these miracle programs is too much to sustain,” concluded Lemis. “I would strongly urge anyone considering investing in a new workout to read my report, and consider just how much time they want to commit to their workout and whether it will really fit with their busy lives.”

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10 Minute Trainer Reviews

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10 Minute Trainer Reviews: Is 10 Minutes Really all you need?

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