Bott Aviation: Consumer Champions Bring 1,400 Consumer Rights Cases to Court

  • Launch of Bott Aviation
  • £1.2m of compensation expected

LONDON--()--Bott Aviation has been launched today by Bott & Company, the specialist consumer rights law firm, and EUclaim, the leading EU flight compensation claim company, to secure justice for airline passengers in the UK.

Bott Aviation is bringing an initial 1,400 cases to court on behalf of about 3,400 passengers. The partnership estimates that these initial claimants are due approximately £1.2 million of compensation under EC regulation 261/2004 (air passenger rights).

Under European law, passengers are entitled to compensation if their flight coming into or out of Europe is delayed for three hours or more and if that delay is not due to exceptional circumstances such as severe weather. For example, if passengers are delayed due to reasons such as a faulty plane, a crew not having sufficient hours and a replacement crew being required and the flight is delayed for three hours or more, each passenger is entitled to between £200 and £550 of compensation.

Bott Aviation is a user friendly claims service which tackles the airlines head on and will litigate if necessary to get results on behalf of disappointed passengers. It is a combination of the unrivalled wealth of historical flight data and technical expertise provided by EUclaim and the technology and administrative and legal support of Bott & Co, a pioneer of consumer law.

Affected passengers simply need to visit and follow the simple process. Advice is given free of charge to determine whether the passenger has a potential claim. On receipt of the advice, the consumer can decide whether to pursue the claim on their own, to purchase a tailor-made complaint package or to file the claim with Bott Aviation on a no win, no fee basis to present proof of entitlement to the airlines and in court.

Paul Hinchliffe, Managing Partner of Bott & Company, said:

“We are delighted to partner with EUclaim. We are not aware of any other organisation that has the depth of data and the technological skills of EUclaim and this, combined with our expertise in consumer law, makes a winning combination. We are passionate about championing the rights of the consumer and believe there is some £316 million per annum of eligible claims out there; the first 1,400 we are bringing to court is only scratching the surface – we are only just heading down the runway.”

Hendrik J. Noorderhaven, Founder and Chief Executive of EUclaim, added:

“Every year over 10,800 planes and 1.3 million passengers are delayed coming in and out of the UK. Our data will enable us to review all delays over the last six years and identify the millions that have not yet been claimed under the European Legislation put in place to protect passengers. We are simply helping consumers to access the compensation they are eligible for as a result of airlines making commercial decisions ahead of the needs and rights of their customers. The airlines will try to turn us into pariahs for what we are doing but we believe that we are simply putting the consumer firmly in the driving seat.”

Consumers should visit and follow the simple steps if they wish to ascertain whether they have a case for Bott Aviation.

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