Spectral Completes Transaction for Mobile Search Technology

SEATTLE--()--Spectral Capital Corporation, (FCCN.QB) (F3SN:SG, BE) announced today that has completed a definitive agreement with Noot, Inc. for control of intellectual property and all other related assets that the company will develop.

Noot, Inc. is a mobile technology company that is in advanced stages of creating a proprietary search engine, named 'noot', for people with mobile smartphones. noot will help people easily find news, social media, photos and video that match their interests. The technology actually learns what users like and improves its results over time, providing very personalized information for the user. A key benefit of noot will be that the search engine continues to work even when the user is not actively searching and will discover new and relevant items without prompting, providing more enhanced and personalized information the next time the user searches for that topic.

'noot will be a simple, fun and easy way for people to search on their smart phones. People use their smart phones to search in different ways than from their PCs or tablets. Today there is not a search tool that provides a good search experience on smart phones and noot is being developed for this purpose', stated Jenifer Osterwalder, Spectral President and CEO.

'Today there are over 1 billion smart phone users while the smart phone market has a year on year sales growth of over 50% in the United States, China and India. However, despite the 1 billion current users, there are over 5 billion mobile phone users, which indicate there is a large upside for smart phone sales growth. We are very pleased to have Noot, Inc. as our partner and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship', continued Osterwalder.

For more information about noot, please visit: www.noot.com

ABOUT SPECTRAL: Spectral acquires and partners with early stage technology companies that have the ability to grow into independent public companies. We focus on identifying markets in which a start up has the opportunity to greatly enhance or become a complete game changer. We look for technology that is patentable. Through our knowledge and vast network of professionals from around the world, as well as our experience as entrepreneurs, we provide support and encouragement for our portfolio teams and their visions. Spectral's portfolio teams are consumed and innately passionate about the development of their ideas.

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