DermaTend - Important Information Now Revealed

Scientists Discover New Ways to Remove Lifelong Moles Without Surgery or Pain

WALPOLE, Mass.--()--Many people who have suffered from the lifelong embarrassment that comes with unsightly moles have discovered a new and incredibly effective solution called DermaTend.

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DermaTend is an all natural medicated topical cream that removes skin tags and moles without surgery or pain. It costs far less than visiting the doctor for mole or skin tag removal, and unlike many other removal procedures, it never leaves scars or creates other issues.

No Pain or Surgery

Most people who want to remove a mole have to contact a doctor who can cut it off, burn it off, or remove it with lasers. Cutting and burning can be painful and may leave scars, and laser surgery is prohibitively expensive for most people. Luckily, the researchers at Solace International, the manufacturer of DermaTend, have developed an affordable solution that is not reliant on any of these painful surgical methods.

All Natural Ingredients

DermaTend is a topical cream that does not leave scars or cause pain. Best of all, it can be used by anyone thanks to its all natural ingredients. The scientists who created this solution were committed to finding a recipe that used the best all natural ingredients from around the world. Ultimately, they perfectly blended science and nature to create a product that was unbeatable.


Numerous users of this cream have stepped forward to talk about how it has worked for them and how it has changed their lives. Bryan Leitch was able to remove a facial mole that had been a distraction for years. Every time he had a conversation with someone, he could see them staring at it, and he always felt uncomfortable. However, with just a few applications of DermaTend, his mole was eradicated and his life was changed forever.

To Learn More About DermaTend Click This Link To Visit Their Official Website

Elfie (last name kept private) was able to remove an embarrassing neck mole. Now, she can wear her hair in whatever style she wants without worry of embarrassment. Raymond S. has also come forward to talk about the new way that people look at him. Instead of stares, he now receives smiles. Letoya S. was able to successfully remove a huge facial mole after just three weeks of applying this cream. Like the others, she also credits DermaTend with changing her life.

A History of Success

One small bottle of this product has the power to remove up to four moles or skin tags in as few as three days. A slightly larger bottle can remove up to fifteen moles and skin tags for a price that equates to about $5 per mole. The manufacturer also makes a totally natural healing balm that boosts the skin's ability to repair itself once the mole has been removed.

DermaTend is manufactured by Solace International which is based in Reno, Nevada. Thus far, the cream has helped to eradicate well over 1 million moles, warts, and skin tags, and it has changed the life of just as many people. The company is so confident about the efficacy of its product that it even includes a sixty day money back guarantee with each purchase. That allows consumers to buy the product risk free--the only thing they stand to lose is a mole.

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