TruTouch Technologies Reports Definitive Results of Clinical Trial with Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute/Lovelace Scientific Resources of Next-Generation Alcohol Screening Device

Leader in non-invasive workplace sobriety assurance solutions to commercialize TruTouch 2500 touch-based alcohol detection system with biometric identity verification

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. & ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.--()--TruTouch Technologies, a pioneer in non-invasive alcohol and biometric measurement systems, today announced that it has completed a clinical trial for the next generation of the Company's alcohol screening device with Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute (LRRI) & Lovelace Scientific Resources (LSR), an Albuquerque, N.M.-based contract research organization experienced in FDA submissions.

The clinical trial resulted from LRRI/LSR working with TruTouch to perform the correlation & calibration of the TruTouch 2500 workplace sobriety assurance device, a tabletop instrument that detects alcohol concentration by directly measuring alcohol levels through the skin using a safe infrared light and an optical touch pad. The device also features biometric capability to verify user identity and ensure the integrity of the testing process. The TruTouch 2500 is targeted for commercialization in workplace as a preliminary screening tool for fit for duty applications.

Dr. Richard D. Gill, President and CEO of TruTouch Technologies, said, "We are delighted that our collaboration with LRRI/LSR as the CRO partner for the TruTouch 2500 instrument, which represents a major advance over current invasive, time consuming, cumbersome and consumables-based alcohol detection solutions, has resulted in such commercially valuable results. Our selection of LRRI/LSR was due to its expertise in timely, high-quality and exacting clinical trials, as well as its status as an FDA-accepted facility whose trials are conducted in the U.S.A. Additionally, as TruTouch employs this data beyond fit for duty workplace applications to explore potential future commercialization plans in clinical settings, LRRI's clear experience with medical device clinical trials will be of benefit."

Dr. Trent Ridder, CTO of TruTouch Technologies, added, "The TruTouch 2500 represents what we feel is the first practical solution for large scale alcohol detection and prevention systems in work environments. The touch detection capability is a major advance, as the device can enable inexpensive, ongoing, daily alcohol testing of employees at the point of need. The biometric identity verification also allows the test to be safely self-administered without need for supervision and its associated costs."

Bob Rubin, President and CEO of LRRI/LSR, noted, "It was our pleasure to work closely with the TruTouch team to help bring their next-generation product line to market through our CRO Clinical Trial Services. Enabling disruptive innovation by producing commercially valuable data & information is our core mission, and our team is looking forward to further supporting TruTouch's go-to-market strategy through our clinical capabilities."

TruTouch systems can be seamlessly incorporated into workflow and reporting tools allow management of networked and multi-site installations. The resulting reports generate integrated testing records that are not readily available from other alcohol testing approaches. During the last four years, TruTouch devices have completed more than 750,000 tests for customers. Published peer-reviewed clinical studies show a 96% correlation to forensic grade blood test results, which are also as accurate as conventional, evidentiary grade systems such as breathalyzers.

About Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute/Lovelace Scientific Resources

The Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute and its subsidiary, Lovelace Scientific Resources, undertake state-of-the-art research and development in numerous clinical and preclinical settings, with over 1,000 trials and other protocols under active investigation at any one time. With over 250 current partners, 40 drugs under active development, a full discovery complement of peer reviewed NIH funded work and 65 years of research experience, Lovelace represents one of the most dynamic active private research enterprises in the country.

About TruTouch Technologies

TruTouch Technologies, Inc. develops, manufactures and sells patented noninvasive alcohol and biometric testing systems, which provide companies with the only realistic, truly effective deterrent system available for unobtrusive verification of sobriety on a daily or routine basis. Inspired by the potential to place its passive, durable systems virtually anywhere, TruTouch’s vision is to create a world where alcohol consumption is routinely intercepted before it does harm. For more information please visit


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TruTouch Technologies Reports Definitive Results of Clinical Trial with Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute/Lovelace Scientific Resources of Next-Generation Alcohol Screening Device

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