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CNN Admits That Acne Causes Emotional Distress That Can Only be Alleviated by a Cure

WALPOLE, Mass.--()--A recently aired CNN News story announced that "acne can cause significant emotional distress for adolescents--as well as for their parents. If not treated adequately, acne can lead to scarring." In many cases, this scarring is limited to the skin, but in other cases, the scarring can be invisible and painful emotional scars. However, with a cure like Acnezine, scars of all types can be avoided.

“acne can cause significant emotional distress for adolescents--as well as for their parents. If not treated adequately, acne can lead to scarring.”

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New Skin Management System Cures and Prevents Acne

Most acne medication only works to eliminate the acne that is already present on the skin. Acnezine, in contrast, works to eliminate current acne while also preventing future outbreaks. In fact, its unique blend of scientifically backed ingredients works to cleanse the entire body. This is essential because the healthier a body is, the less blemishes it will have.

Each order of Acnezine includes a topical cream and an oral remedy. The topical cream works to eliminate outbreaks at their source while the oral remedy cleanses the entire body and works to prevent future outbreaks. The two vital components of this skin management system work together seamlessly to create a solution that is truly unbeatable.

This Acnezine skin care management system eliminates all kinds of acne, including spots, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, pus and redness.

It is effective for both adolescents and adults who suffer from acne. However, it does not stop there. Once it has controlled the acne that is visible on the skin, it continues to get to the root of the problem.

The Causes of Acne

Acne is caused when blocked hair follicles get built up with sebum. Sebum is an oil that is naturally produced by hair follicles. Normally, sebum is beneficial to the skin, but when the body produces too much sebum or when the sebum is unable to drain normally, it can become problematic.

Adolescents in particular may notice that they have too much sebum as their sebaceous glands grow during this time of their life. People who are under excess stress, who cannot maintain a healthy diet, or who are experiencing other hormonal changes may also notice that their sebum levels can create acne.

A natural moisturizer, sebum prevents the skin from becoming too dry, and it prevents the skin from becoming infected. However, in excess quantities, sebum can create horrible acne.

Acne can be caused when the body produces more sebum due to growth of the sebaceous glands, but acne can also occur when sebum isn’t allowed to drain as needed. If the hair follicles become blocked, sebum will build up and create unsightly acne.

"Acnezine Cures Acne and Prevents Future Outbreaks"

Acnezine eliminates visible skin blemishes, but it also works to control the body’s production and draining of sebum. When used correctly, it controls sebum production in such a way that new pimples, spots, or other blemishes are not allowed to form. Many people who turn to this skin management system notice their skin looking brighter and healthier in just a few weeks.

Member of the Natural Products Association

Acnezine is proudly produced by a Revitol, who is a member in good standing of the Natural Products Association. For the last seventy five years, the Natural Products Association has been granting membership to companies who are committed to creating excellence at the intersection of science and nature.

This natural skin management system is backed by countless years of research, and it has been helping people control and prevent their outbreaks for over a decade. Committed to value, Revitol is always looking for ways to give their clients greater savings.

Currently, they are offering one free month with the purchase of a two-month supply or three free months with the purchase of a three-month supply.

Acne sufferers who only wish to sample a month’s supply can enjoy fast shipment, great customer service, and a cure that will help them to eliminate scarring on the skin as well as emotional scars.

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