Milberg LLP Announces Claims Deadline is January 9, 2013 in Court-Approved Settlement of Class Actions against Clearwire

SEATTLE--()--Yesterday, a federal judge gave final approval to a settlement that resolves three class actions brought against Clearwire. The plaintiffs, twenty-five current and former Clearwire subscribers, alleged that Clearwire wrongly throttled subscribers’ Internet speeds, misled customers about speed and reliability, and wrongly assessed early termination fees.

The deadline for submitting claims is January 9, 2013. Subscribers may submit claims via a streamlined online process at Anyone who was a Clearwire subscriber at any time between November 14, 2004 and February 27, 2012 is eligible to submit a claim. Instructions are on the settlement website.

The settlement was approved by Judge James L. Robert of the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington. The settlement resolved three cases, Dennings v. Clearwire Corp., Minnick v. Clearwire US, LLC, and Newton v. Clearwire Corp.

The class of Clearwire customers is represented by a number of law firms including the Law Offices of Clifford A. Cantor, P.C., Milberg LLP, Tycko & Zavareei LLP, Peterson Wampold Rosato Luna Knopp, and Audet & Partners, LLP.

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