Supersoftware Announces Mega Hit "Manga" App in Japan Hit the 4 Million Download Mark

The No. 1 iPhone application "Manga Camera", which has just hit the 4 million download mark, started a photo frame download.

TOKYO--()--"Manga Camera" is a cool free app that makes a photo image of anything, from a person to scenery, into a cool cartoon-like image. It reached more than 1 million downloads within a week after its release, ranked the first place in Japanese iPhone App Store, and became a mega hit in the social media in which over 0.1 million images created by the app have been uploaded. This No. 1 application created a new genre of applications which convert a photo image into "Manga" image, and many similar apps have been created following in its footsteps.

Users of the app include many famous people and celebrities, such as Tumblr's CEO David Karp, who uploads images captured by "Manga Camera" to his blog, and more and more people are using the app in the United States, Britain and Asian countries. "Manga Camera" hit the 4 million download mark on November 27, 2012, just two and a half months after its release.

We upgraded the app on November 29, 2012 and made photo frames available for download. Users can now download photo frames with themes of Japanese culture and designs created in collaboration with firms such as famous beverage brand, for free. This provides users with a new type of experience in enjoying products and brands in the world of Manga (cartoon).

We plan to make contents using famous cartoons and cartoon characters available for a fee in the future.

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