One for all – with the new PhoneCrypt Universal from SecurStar only one encrypted phone is needed for a secure call

IT security specialist presents innovation – now callers can make encrypted calls even to people not using secure telephones

MUNICH--()--SecurStar ( is a pioneer in encrypted voice communication. The big advantage of its brand new PhoneCrypt Universal is that secure voice communication is now possible even with parties who do not use an encryption device. This has not previously been possible, as both parties needed to have a special phone to establish an encrypted connection. The SecurStar office telephone for secure communication in real time encodes data with military-grade encryption and is easy to use.

Conventional mobile and landline phone networks are not secure. Protection of data and privacy should be the basis for secure business and private communication.

More convenience with encrypted voice communication

For this purpose, IT security specialist SecurStar developed the encryption solution PhoneCrypt Universal. The product is an office telephone connected to the Internet that is assigned an anonymous landline number. The special feature is that now secure communication is possible even with a party who is not using an encrypted phone (previously a precondition). This makes your own connection invulnerable and leaves the phone number and location untraceable.

If all parties are using the device, communication is 100% encrypted on both sides. Domestic and international phone calls are protected from eavesdroppers by military-grade encryption technology.

And here’s how it works: Every connection automatically generates a code, which is updated regularly. The algorithm used is a 4096-bit RSA key exchange for generating a secret 256-bit AES encryption. Any attempt to tap the phone is prevented by an undecipherable code.


  • No interception of numbers dialed
  • Untraceable position
  • Secure conference calls
  • No charges for calls from PhoneCrypt to PhoneCrypt
  • No roaming costs
  • Videophone enabled
  • WiFi enabled
  • Excellent voice quality in real time
  • Easy to use
  • Encryption with RSA 4096 bit and AES 256 bit



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