Preventia Subsidiary Completes Anti-Piracy Technology Prototype

Presentations for partners, investors, digital media companies commences mid-December

TORONTO--()--Preventia, Inc., (OTCBB: PVTA) announces subsidiary DRM Informatics Corp. completed a functioning prototype of its patent-protected breakthrough anti-piracy technology as scheduled by November 30. To affirm its effectiveness in fighting digital piracy, theft, and unauthorized use of digital property, private demonstrations are scheduled mid-December and early January.

“We are delighted that our confidence in DRMI to deliver a real solution on time and on budget has been upheld. Preventia eagerly looks forward to the next phase of developments led by Alan Mintzer.”

Alan Mintzer, CEO of DRM Informatics Corp. states, "We are pleased to announce the completion of a functional prototype of our patent-protected breakthrough anti-piracy technology. Based upon a small server architecture, the prototype makes use of all the technologies that provide the strength and security of our solution, including public key cryptography, hashing algorithms, and the latest technology in industry standard smart chips. Although not intended to be scaled up to provide global security, this prototype is capable of doing so. As a continuation of our business plan, we have already begun to schedule presentations for our partners and investors, and soon to follow, interested parties in the various digital media industries."

Rob Stevens, CEO of Preventia, Inc. notes, “We are delighted that our confidence in DRMI to deliver a real solution on time and on budget has been upheld. Preventia eagerly looks forward to the next phase of developments led by Alan Mintzer.”

The Company expects test marketing to the software industry will commence shortly following the demonstrations and presentations.

About Preventia, Inc.

Preventia, Inc., a Nevada corporation, is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Preventia works with corporate clients through its subsidiary, Preventia Group Corp., to develop, market and distribute financial products for dematerialization and electronic trading. The Company offers a patented electronic trading platform with respect to the foregoing. Preventia will pursue interesting projects from time to time that appear to further enhance its corporate influence and establish itself in a primary position in various developing markets.

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About DRM Informatics Corp.

DRM Informatics Corp., a subsidiary of Preventia, Inc., was incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware on June 11, 2011. DRMI’s activities to date have been limited to organization and capital formation, research and preliminary development. Initially targeting the software industry, DRMI is now developing anti-piracy products to provide all industries with a solution to unlicensed use of digital media.

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Release Summary

DRMI completes anti-piracy, fraud, anti-theft technology. Will demo for industry, partners, investors mid-December.

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