Man Selling His Last Name to Finance Business Venture

Jason Sadler, founder of IWearYourShirt, to sell his last name to the highest bidder

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.--()--Jason Sadler, founder of IWearYourShirt, is known as the “guy who wears T-shirts for a living.” Now he is searching for a new identity – one that will be chosen by the highest bidder. Sadler is auctioning the rights to his last name for 2013 and will legally rename himself Jason “fill-in-the-blank” on January 1st.

“guy who wears T-shirts for a living.”

Sadler has had three last names already, none of which have ever felt like his own, and his parents are getting divorced. This set of circumstances sparked the idea for Sadler to find a new name the only way he knows how, through social media.

Bidding on to win the rights to Sadler’s last name closes Wednesday, December 12, when one company will win the right to have its name become Sadler’s new last name for all of 2013.

Winning the right for Sadler to share your company name is more than having any average Joe take it as his own – 22 companies have bid already. In addition to legally changing his name, Sadler will continue his social media work using his new last name and providing the winning company with daily exposure to thousands of people on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other sites. Sadler will also change his name on his press bylines.

Sadler has represented over 1,500 brands by being paid to wear their T-shirts and represent them on social media. He is one of 30,000 Verified Accounts on Twitter (out of 500 million), and he has over 9 million views on YouTube. Sadler’s personal blog will also change from to Jason“insert new last name”.com.

For more information or to enter a bid to win the rights to Sadler’s last name visit:

About Jason Sadler and IWearYourShirt

Jason Sadler is the founder of the IWearYourShirt operation and the guy who was crazy enough to think he could build a business out of wearing T-shirts. Before racking up thousands of hours of social media experience, Jason made his mark as a graphic designer and owned a web design studio. Once it became clear to him that social media would be more than a passing phase, Jason set out to use these new tools to bring personality back to marketing. For more information visit


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Release Summary

The man who wears T-shirts for a living, Jason Sadler, is selling his last name to the highest bidder to fund his next business venture; bidding closes December 12. 22 companies have bid over 30k.