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Numerous Medical Studies Prove that SizeGenetics is Truly Effective and Works Better Than Lengthening Surgeries

WALPOLE, Mass--()--More and more men are admitting that they feel unhappy about their penis’s length. To enhance themselves, many of these men are turning to painful surgeries. However, there is another option. Men can improve their length by using an extender like SizeGenetics.

Respected News Sources Declare That Traction Methods Work

According to articles published in the Daily Mail, a popular British newspaper, and Time magazine, traction methods like those used by SizeGenetics really work. In fact, multiple scientific studies have shown that SizeGenetics’s methods work better than surgeries or other lengthening procedures. To explore this comparison, a recently published Daily Mail article examined findings that were published in the Journal of the British Association of Urological Surgeons.

Scientific Studies Examine Penis Lengthening Options

The article in the Journal of the British Association of Urological Surgeons surveyed the findings of ten different studies that focused on both surgical and nonsurgical methods of enlargement, and it declared that traction methods were the most effective at increasing length.

Half of these studies looked at the effect on male length after surgery while the other half looked at non-invasive methods like traction that are commonly used to enlarge or lengthen men. In total, these ten studies looked at 230 men. Two of the studies that examined the traction method showed an increase in length regardless of whether the subject was erect or flaccid.

In order to achieve greater length, the men in these studies had to submit to a traction regime. Some of the men used traction for six hours per day for four months while others used traction for four hours per day for six months.

Traction Methods Make Men Longer

One of the studies that was reviewed was a clinical study conducted by researchers at the University of Turin. Researchers from the University of Turin started with 30 patients. Unfortunately, nine patients were ineligible for the study so only 21 men were studied. Of those studied, the average age was 45.7 years. During the course of the clinical trial, four subjects dropped out of the trial.

One dropped out because he was so satisfied with the results that he saw no point in continuing the study, two dropped out because they were unable to comply with the protocol of the study, and one dropped out because he was uncomfortable with the extension methods. Of the sixteen people who remained in the clinical trial, all of them saw an increase in their


On average, their flaccid length increased by 2.3 cm or almost 1 inch, and the average increase while errect was 1.7 cm or .67 inches. Based on the promising results of this study and many like it, researchers have confidently declared that traction methods like those used by SizeGenetics really work.

SizeGenetics is the Most Comfortable Traction Method Currently Available

Size Genetics is one of the most efficient traction systems. It has a revolutionary 16 way comfort setting that makes it comfortable to wear it for extended periods of time, and the more men wear this traction system, the greater results they will see. One SizeGenetics client saw an increase to an astounding 8.7 inches.

The SizeGenetics extension kit comes with several components. The most critical component is the 16 way comfortable traction kit, but each purchase also includes free exercises and free techniques that allow the subject to better control his ejaculation.

It has been proven to work, and countless clients attest to its efficacy. However, in cases where clients are not fully satisfied, they can return the product for a full refund thanks to there six month money back guarantee. SizeGenetics is made by Permenda Ltd, a British company based in Nottingham, England. They ship their products to happy clients all over the globe.

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