FBI Agent Says New Developments Indicate American, Jason Puracal, is Being Framed in Nicaragua, Reports Tolin Law Firm

MANAGUA, Nicaragua--()--U.S. Citizen Jason Puracal continues to suffer the effects of Nicaragua’s fractured criminal justice system says family attorney, Anna M. Tolin of the Tolin Law Firm. According to Tolin, Jason has been illegally detained on false charges of drug trafficking and money laundering without a trial for more than seven months. “Recent events in this case further establish a pattern of blatant disregard for Nicaraguan law,” said Tolin.

“Recent events in this case further establish a pattern of blatant disregard for Nicaraguan law”

Retired FBI agent Steve Moore who has reviewed the case comments, "Nothing supports the charges against Jason. On the contrary there are many irregularities that actually indicate he is being intentionally framed by authorities. The state department needs to step in before he is convicted and this escalates into the next American wrongfully-imprisoned overseas media frenzy."

Puracal’s defense attorney, Fabbrith Gomez, confirmed a surprising development about 29-year-old Krigger Alberto Artola Narvaez, who was improperly appointed to take over as trial judge in this continuously delayed case.

According to a document issued by the secretary of the Supreme Court, the new judge has never actually practiced as a licensed attorney nor was he inscribed to the bench as required by the Nicaraguan Constitution.

Narvaez was abruptly sworn in to take over this case without Supreme Court approval, “by a magistrate who had no official authorization to do so. We fear Narvaez was sent to convict Jason,” says Gomez.

A political scandal has ensued with La Prensa newspaper leading the investigation into the motives behind Narvaez’s strange appointment.

The entire legal system, dubbed by Nicaraguan judicial analysts in an article in the Tico Times as a “Sandinista kangaroo court,” has been under fire by the international community.

Constitutional analyst Gabriel Alvarez, quoted in the Tico Times article, confirms that "Nicaragua has lost all its institutional legitimacy and rule of law,” despite substantial funding from the United States and others intended to promote a reliable judicial system in the country.

U.S. Congressman Adam Smith spoke out recently against Nicaragua’s detainment of Jason Puracal earlier this month stating, “They presented no evidence of a crime here. They have simply kidnapped and held him for a period of time and that is not in compliance with international law, it’s not even in compliance with Nicaraguan law.”

Despite allegations the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) provided written confirmation to Congressman Smith that the DEA Country Attaché in Managua had no involvement in this investigation. According to Tolin, “The DEA’s willingness to denounce any involvement is further confirmation that Jason is innocent.”

Meanwhile Puracal’s life remains at risk.

Nicaragua press confirmed today a recent rash of inmate violence, including the murder of a drug trafficker, alleging that the price paid for his life was $2,000,000.

The murder was committed just one cell block away from Puracal's by an inmate with a 9mm pistol that was apparently smuggled into the prison.

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