Transphorm Unveils Gallium Nitride Transistor at PCIM Europe, Becoming the Only Company to Offer a Total Gallium Nitride Solution

Transphorm’s 600 volt transistor using its patented EZ-GaNTM technology is ultra-efficient, compact and easy-to-embed, and cuts switching losses by up to 95 percent

PCIM Europe 2011

NUREMBERG, Germany--()--PCIM Europe Conference – Transphorm Inc. today unveiled its EZ-GaNTM transistor, the latest in the company’s line of breakthrough products designed to eliminate the pervasive power waste that occurs during power conversion in our everyday electrical systems and devices. At a time when energy and environmental constraints call for dramatic improvements in energy efficiency, Transphorm is the first company to provide a viable solution to the power conversion problem. Transphorm’s Gallium Nitride (GaN) products are designed to replace legacy Silicon-based power conversion technology, which can no longer provide efficiency gains without compromising system performance. Transphorm is redefining electric power conversion to help customers optimize their use of existing electrical generation.

“This is the first 600 volt GaN HEMT device to survive accelerated life testing per JEDEC industry standards, which Transphorm has demonstrated in engineering tests”

Transphorm’s 600 volt transistor replaces Silicon-based super junction transistors and IGBT devices in switch mode power conversion circuits, such as bridge converters and inverters, in order to reduce switching losses by up to 95 percent. The release of the transistor closely follows the EZ-GaNTM diode launched in March, making Transphorm the world’s only company offering customers a Total Gallium Nitride solution.

“This is the first 600 volt GaN HEMT device to survive accelerated life testing per JEDEC industry standards, which Transphorm has demonstrated in engineering tests,” said Umesh Mishra, CEO of Transphorm. “Our transistor has proved that it is possible to switch extremely fast without increasing electromagnetic interference (EMI), a feat never before achieved and most believed to be infeasible.”

Transphorm has redefined power conversion by developing and supplying efficient, compact GaN solutions for electrical energy conversion. The transistor is the latest product that offers customers new opportunities to reduce the size of systems while improving and maintaining efficiency, something that is no longer possible with Silicon-based conversion devices. For example, a unique aspect of the transistor is its improved packaging, which reduces ringing that results in equal or lower EMI.

“Our competitors are using Silicon devices, which have up to 25 times as much switching losses compared to our transistor,” said Primit Parikh, President of Transphorm. “Transphorm customers are already using the transistor in products such as power suppliers, PV inverters and motor control systems.”

By using a proprietary EZ-GaNTM transistor and diode, Transphorm can reduce power system size, increase energy density while reducing overall system cost. The EZ-GaNTM transistor is the latest product aimed to achieve new levels of product performance in semiconductor devices operating at 600 volts or above. Transphorm designs and supplies application-specific modules for a variety of customers, and plans on launching new products on a quarterly basis. A vertically integrated company, Transphorm offers high performance products at competitive cost and rapid time to market.

Transphorm acknowledges and thanks the Office of Naval Research for the initial and sustained funding of all aspects of the GaN technology, including materials, RF transistors and power transistors. Transphorm also gratefully acknowledges the funding from DARPA and the support of ARPA-E in the development of advanced high frequency, compact and efficient GaN-based inverters that will revolutionize motor drives in the future, while helping us to provide our customers with near-term solutions.

About Transphorm

Transphorm is redefining electric power conversion, providing cost-competitive and easy-to-embed power conversion modules that reduce costly energy loss by up to 90 percent, and simplify the design and manufacturing of motor drives, power supplies and inverters for solar panels and electric vehicles. From material technology and device fabrication to circuit design and module assembly, Transphorm designs and delivers its power conversion devices and modules to meet the needs of global customers, helping them scale quickly and save money. By creating an ecosystem of electrical systems manufacturers powered by Transphorm, the company accelerates the adoption of application-specific power modules and paves the way for the next generation of electrical systems designed for optimal efficiency. To learn more about Transphorm, please visit


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