Turkey Reaches International Milestone on Digital Identity Through Turkcell’s Fast Log-in

ISTANBUL--()--Two and a half years after Turkcell’s adoption of Mobile Connect, a GSM-based digital identity solution, Turkey became the first market globally to meet the commercial sustainability criteria set by the GSMA.
Turkcell (NYSE:TKC)(BIST:TCELL) “Fast Log-in”, built on the basis of GSMA-supported Mobile Connect technology, has reached more than 7 million registered users, and is available on mobile and online services as a secure digital identity solution. As of June 25th, Turkcell facilitated more than 100 million transactions with “Fast Log-in”.

“Mobile operators are the most trustworthy providers of digital identity authentication and secure log-in”

The universality of Turkcell’s “Fast Log-in” technology contributed to the appeal of the service for external service providers, who need to reach out to not only Turkcell customers, but mobile users on all networks.

“Mobile operators are the most trustworthy providers of digital identity authentication and secure log-in”

“As our digital world expands, the need for secure and seamless login becomes greater. Telecom operators are uniquely positioned to provide accountable and secure login to citizens of the digital world as the shortcomings of social network-based models become more obvious,” said Kaan Terzioglu, CEO of Turkcell. “With our Mobile Connect-based solution, we make the logging-in experience seamless and secure for the end users, while providing an essential authentication service to our corporate partners. We are proud to see that Turkey’s digital ecosystem and users were so quick to respond to this opportunity, making our home country the first market to reach commercial sustainability criteria of the GSMA. This has been made possible partly by Turkcell’s wide array of digital apps and services, which make us the second top publishers on app stores.”

“Mobile operators are fulfilling an important role in the digital identity space, giving users control over their own data and enabling consumers, businesses and governments alike to interact and access online services in a convenient, private and trusted environment,” said Alex Sinclair, Chief technology Officer, GSMA. “Turkcell is leading the way in being the first to offer a sustainable commercial service, setting the pace for growth - we look forward to seeing other mobile network operators deploying the service to their customers oer the coming months.”

Gateway to Turkcell’s digital world and to the digital economy

Turkcell uses “Fast Log-in” on Turkcell apps and services including its hugely popular newspaper and magazine app Dergilik, and customer care app My Account. The technology is in use on the websites of Turkcell’s customer care portal, travel website Fulltrip, and crowd-funding platform Arikovani (Beehive).

“Fast Log-in” is also a part of the company’s e-commerce platform proposition. Users who login with “Fast Log-in” can finish their digital journey by checking out with Turkcell’s mobile payment options offered through Turkcell’s Paycell, and receive customer care services on BiP, the lifestyle and communication app.

External service providers that benefit from the seamless and secure login provided by Turkcell include, among others, online live game app Hadi, travel app Piri, social discovery app Kimboo and on Smart Beyoglu, lifestyle app of the municipality of Beyoglu, one of the most popular neighborhoods in Istanbul.

About Turkcell:

Turkcell is a digital operator headquartered in Turkey, serving its customers with its unique portfolio of digital services along with voice, messaging, data and IPTV services on its mobile and fixed networks. Turkcell Group companies operate in 8 countries – Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Northern Cyprus, Germany, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova. Turkcell launched LTE services in its home country on April 1st, 2016, employing LTE-Advanced and 3 carrier aggregation technologies in 81 cities. In 2G and 3G, Turkcell’s population coverage in Turkey is at 99.63% and 97.84%, respectively, as of March, 2018. Turkcell offers up to 10 Gbps fiber internet speed with its FTTH services. Turkcell Group reported TRY4.8 billion revenue in Q118 with total assets of TRY37.1 billion as of March 31, 2018. It has been listed on the NYSE and the BIST since July 2000, and is the only NYSE-listed company in Turkey. Read more at www.turkcell.com.tr


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Turkcell “Fast Log-in”, built on the basis of GSMA-supported Mobile Connect technology, has reached more than 7 million registered users.