Snow Park Seeks Judgement Against Ex-Employee for Theft and Other Crimes

– Seeks Judgement Against Former CFO, Who Invented False Allegations Against the Firm After Embezzling Management Company Funds –

– Cites Evidence of Crimes, Including Self-Signed Checks, Digital Forensics, and Security Footage of Late Night Visits to the Firm’s Office After Her Employment Ended –

NEW YORK--()--Snow Park Capital Partners, LP (“Snow Park” or “the firm” or “we”), a leading investment management firm focused on publicly-traded real estate securities and founded by Mr. Jeffrey Pierce, today issued the following statement to accompany its verified answer and claims filed in the Supreme Court of New York to seek judgement against former Chief Financial Officer Kate Merli for crimes she committed during and after her employment with the firm:

“Kate Merli, a former employee, abruptly left Snow Park in December 2017 after stealing thousands of dollars from the management company and subsequently attempting to cover up her theft and sabotage the firm through a documented series of unlawful actions. In addition to identifying unauthorized self-signed checks used to embezzle funds, our investigation to date has uncovered building security footage and digital forensics related to Ms. Merli’s illicit efforts.

Subsequent to her unlawful acts, Ms. Merli invented false allegations against Snow Park founder Jeffrey Pierce in order to intimidate and undermine the firm. These were only made after she committed serious crimes and while an investigation into her conduct was ongoing. Ms. Merli’s allegations are a ploy to shield herself from liability and preemptively discredit Snow Park’s serious claims.

Moreover, contemporaneous documents demonstrate the baseless nature of Ms. Merli’s fabrications. E-mails and text messages show Ms. Merli repeatedly tried to socialize with Mr. Pierce outside of work and regularly volunteered details of her personal life right until the end of her employment.

We intend to hold Ms. Merli accountable in a court of law for her illicit theft and other crimes.”

The filing made today can be accessed here:


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