Fuzzy Pet Health Launches Nationwide Vet Telemedicine Product for Pet Parents

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Fuzzy Pet Health, the subscription-based pet healthcare company, announces today that a new telemedicine vet care plan is now available to pet parents across the nation. The plan, called Fuzzy Connect, enables pet parents to communicate with veterinarians in real time directly from an app on their phone. This means that veterinary care no longer needs to require hauling pets in crates and cars, sitting in waiting rooms, or expensive trips to the ER.

Fuzzy Connect is available on iOS and Android for $10 per month per user. Users can chat with veterinarians to get immediate advice on medical issues or behavioral tips. Additionally, if a vet recommends a specific food or supplement, users can order these directly from the app and get them shipped home. In certain states, Fuzzy Connect members can also get prescriptions and even schedule in-home vet appointments. Since access to veterinarians is unlimited, the company hopes Fuzzy Connect will redefine the relationship people currently have with their veterinarians.

“Our team has been providing veterinary care over telemedicine in the Bay Area for while now and we’ve seen an incredible shift in how our members engage. The average pet parent goes to the vet only 1.6 times a year, while our members get in touch with us roughly once a month. We’re excited to expand telemedicine across the country, and provide pet parents the peace of mind and education that come with easy and unlimited access to high quality care,” said Dr. Robert Trimble, Fuzzy’s co-Founder and Head of Veterinary Services.

Benefits of Fuzzy Connect:

  • Skip the time and effort involved in getting your pet to your vet clinic or pet hospital
  • Save money in unnecessary visits to the vet or pet ER
  • Get tailored diet recommendations from the vet, and order the food, treats and supplements directly from the app
  • Obtain a digital, easily accessible record of your vet’s advice, diagnoses and recommendations

Along with Fuzzy Connect, Fuzzy Pet Health also offers two other preventive vet care plans called Wellness and Plus, which are currently available to pet parents in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, visit: www.yourfuzzy.com

About Fuzzy

Fuzzy Pet Health was founded in 2015 with the mission of making pet care accessible, affordable, and delightful for every pet parent. Through in-home vet checkups, the ability to connect members with vets at any time through custom technology, and directly mailed medications, supplements, and food, Fuzzy is redefining pet care. Fuzzy Pet Health is headquartered in San Francisco and backed by Eniac Ventures, Crosscut Ventures, Precursor Ventures, SV Angel, Accelerator and FJ Labs. For more information, visit www.yourfuzzy.com.


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