GoGuardian Announces the Debut of Smart Filtering within Admin 2.0

Machine learning combined with neural networks creates better experience for administrators and students

LOS ANGELES--()--GoGuardian, a leading education technology SaaS provider that powers K-12 personalized learning and enhances student safety, announced the upcoming availability of Smart Filtering™, a major breakthrough in web filtering.

“We believe a more open internet inspires curiosity in students, and our tools are built to empower educators to create the optimal learning environment that is also safe and effective”

GoGuardian’s Smart Filtering™ addresses the problems associated with traditional URL filtering by scanning for content displayed in the student’s browser in real-time. Its proprietary machine-learning engine and neural networks leverage deep learning to conduct a more accurate assessment of online content based on context and block it when it becomes problematic.

“We believe a more open internet inspires curiosity in students, and our tools are built to empower educators to create the optimal learning environment that is also safe and effective,” stated Zach Spitulski, Product Manager for GoGuardian Admin. “Existing legacy solutions built around URLs are huge maintenance headaches and they force administrators to lock down much of the internet to reduce problematic content. With Smart Filtering, we are building effective tools that empower students and unlock the valuable parts of the internet, rather than restricting everything.”

GoGuardian estimates that 20% of explicit content encountered by students occurs in legitimate, collaborative learning tools used by students today. Because school administrators are unlikely to block these tools with their current traditional filtering solutions, they are left with little visibility to what is actually going on in the student’s browser. Smart Filtering can allow these tools to be accessed, while blocking access to problematic content in real-time when it occurs.

“We believe there is huge potential for this technology to open up more of the internet for students to learn from, while reducing the amount of work administrators must perform to keep their students safe and on task. And by reducing the huge numbers of false positives generated by traditional keyword filters, we believe real student issues will be surfaced much more quickly and with higher visibility,” Spitulski added.

Smart Filtering will be available in GoGuardian Admin for all customers when school goes back into session this year. Features and improvements include:

  • Real-time continuous scanning of content in the browser
  • A machine learning engine utilizing deep learning and neural networks to understand the context of content in the browser
  • A new simulator tool to help administrators enforce their filtering policies as well as troubleshoot issues
  • A new unified portal for configuring and viewing alert notifications

About GoGuardian

GoGuardian has changed the way K-12 schools maximize the learning potential of every student. Its SaaS products help educators identify learning patterns and protect students from harmful and distracting content. With GoGuardian, educators can easily engage students with more effective resources and communication. GoGuardian provides actionable insights into student needs — it’s easy to see why 10,000 schools and 120,000 educators choose GoGuardian to engage with and protect over 5 million students.

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