Moisond Debuts an Innovative Gemstone Inspired by the Rarefied Beauty of Moissanite

TEMECULA, Calif.--()--Created by a pioneering joint venture between the Aryamond Group and Serenity Technologies, Moisondlooks to reinvent one of the world’s most precious stones, a revolutionary lab-grown gemstone made of enhanced moissanite that we call Moissanite Plus. A rare mineral found in nature, moissanite is composed of silicon carbide and its origins lie in deep space - the substance was first discovered on earth in a meteor crater by Nobel Prize-winning scientist Henri Moissan. Moissanite stands out in the universe of precious stones for its brilliance and fire that eclipses even that of diamonds. Equally impressive is the stone’s durability - it ranks 9.25 - 9.5 on the Mohs scale making it the second hardest gem in the world.

Given its scarcity, scientific advances have permitted the creation of lab-grown moissanite. Moisond gems are created from cut & polished lab-grown moissanite in our state-of-the-art laboratory in California according to the highest quality standards. Our advanced gem-making process, which has been perfected by our in-house team includes a special patented treatment to further enhance the moissanite stone’s luster and brilliance by CVD growth of a nanodiamond matrix to form the skin of our ideally cut moissanite gem.

The result is an exquisitely engineered gem and an attractive option for imaginative jewelers looking for rare, one-of-a-kind stones and sophisticated clients in search of a standout piece with a sustainable provenance and a technological backstory. The remarkable beauty of Moisond reimagines the world of precious stones to deliver an extraordinary gem tailored to 21st century tastes.

What is Moisond?

Our Exquisitely Engineered Moisond Gem is an Innovative Breakthrough That Seeks to Disrupt the Tradition-Bound Jewelry Industry and Provide Today’s Sophisticated, Forward-Looking Clientele with a Gemstone Befitting the 21st Century.

From its creation in the lab, to the cutting and hand finishing of the stone, followed by the proprietary Moissanite Plus treatment, we follow our one-of-a-kind Moisond gems step by step to ensure the highest quality standards and are able to place into the hands of jewelers a colorless (DEF) to near colorless (GHI) stone with traceable and sustainable provenance that has more fire and brilliance than any other hard gem or jewel in the market. Moisond comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Discover the beauty of Moisond, discover the gemstone for the Modern Age.

Why Moisond

To the Naked Eye Our Revolutionary Moisond Gemstone Possesses a Unique Sparkle and Diamond-Like Appearance That Easily Distinguishes It from Traditional Moissanite Stones.

Our experienced team of engineers and material scientists have worked on a cutting-edge, proprietary technology to create an enhanced version - we call Moissanite Plus - of the lab-created moissanite gem, altering the stone’s optical appearance to deliver a colorless (DEF) to near-colorless (GHI) stone with the brilliance, dispersion and scintillation one expects from a diamond.

Our unique gem development process, which is protected by two patents [US9,108,888 and US9,883,723], provides our cut and polished Moisondgemstone with a crystalline treatment of a high-RI (refractive index) CVD grown nano-diamond matrix specially tailored to silicon carbide, the chemical composition of moissanite. The successful application of our innovative treatment on the gems has been independently tested and verified by RJ Lee Group, a respected industrial forensics analytical laboratory in the United States. Our exclusive Moisondgem will be available with an optional proprietary spray that further protects the gem’s sparkle so it will be a dazzling centerpiece when mounted onto fine jewelry.

Thanks to our advanced, patented technologies, Moisond offers an ethically responsible and aesthetically stunning gemstone whose splendor is unsurpassed, permitting jewelers and clients the chance to admire a masterpiece that is one of a kind.

Discover the beauty of Moisond and start a new tradition today.

The MoisondFine Jewelry Collection

The Debut Collection from Moisond Captures the Imagination with an Incredible Assortment of Exquisitely Crafted Pieces That Look to Redefine the World of Bridal Fine Jewelry.

The focal point of the collection is our revolutionary Moisond gem, an innovative lab-created gemstone composed of enhanced moissanite whose fire and brilliance is unmatched in the world of precious stones. Crafted in 14k yellow, rose and white gold, our collection of sophisticated fine jewelry shows off the impressive features of our signature Moisondstone in solitaire and three stone rings, tennis bracelets, earrings and pendants. Our uniquely engineered Moisond stones are available in a range of carat sizes and may be transformed into captivating round, princess, cushion or any fancy-cut shapes. Each of our Moisond jewels is carefully cut to precise angles and proportions to ensure it maximizes the brilliance, fire and luster of these extraordinary stones. Each Moisond jewel is a work of rare beauty and is the perfect expression of your love both today and for eternity.

About Moisond

Moisond is offered by the Aryamond Singapore Pte Ltd., a Singapore-based company that is working at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and fine jewelry. The company is the sole worldwide manufacturer and distributor of Moisond, a revolutionary gemstone made of enhanced moissanite that we call Moissanite Plus that has been created with proprietary patented technology at our state-of-the-art laboratory in California, the innovation epicenter of the world.

The Aryamond Singapore Pte Ltd., Singapore is a joint venture collaboration between the Aryamond Group based in Singapore and Serenity Technologies Inc. based in California.


Serenity Technologies, Inc.
Jay Neogi, CEO
Offices: USA, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, UAE

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Moisond Debuts an Innovative Gemstone Inspired by the Rarefied Beauty of Moissanite.