Nexcare Brand Enlists Hollywood Stuntwoman to Babysit Overprotected Kids

New Campaign Embraces Life’s Bumps and Scrapes, Celebrates Raising Confident and Resilient Children

ST. PAUL, Minn.--()--As the cultural conversation around parenting continues to grow, Nexcare Brand, from 3M, is announcing today their latest campaign, “Tough Love.” Through this new campaign, the brand, who has always believed a life well lived comes with bumps, bruises, and scrapes, is championing parents everywhere to help their kids build confidence, resilience and mental toughness.

“That is why it’s important for us to acknowledge the natural urge parents feel to protect their kids from every fall and failure, while encouraging them to give their kids the room they need to grow and succeed.”

To insert some light-hearted emotions into the various parenting conversations, Nexcare Brand enlisted Jessie Graff, star of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior and Hollywood stuntwoman, as an undercover babysitter in their latest video, titled “Stunt Sitter.” In the “Stunt Sitter” video, Graff helps a pair of siblings test their physical ability and confidence while their self-identified helicopter parents nervously watched through hidden cameras. The video underscores a “tough love” philosophy that encourages parents to overcome their fears, take a step back and let their kids build resiliency and mental toughness by taking reasonable risks.

“At Nexcare Brand, we understand that life has so much to offer, but to experience it all, there may be a few cuts and scrapes along the way,” said Tara Menzies, Global Business Manager, Nexcare Brand. “That is why it’s important for us to acknowledge the natural urge parents feel to protect their kids from every fall and failure, while encouraging them to give their kids the room they need to grow and succeed.”

Studies have repeatedly shown that a child’s ability to push through, endure struggle, fail, and try again may be the key to determining long-term success and happiness. In fact, a study of Chicago Public Schools found that students who showed dedication to persevere, time and time again, through challenging experiences in order to meet their long term goals – also known as “grit” – had a higher chance of graduating high school.1 Unlike IQ, research has shown that “grit” is something children can develop over time, and, as a result, can have a lifelong effect on a person’s overall success.2

Delivering an “A-Ha” Moment for Overprotective Parents

To help illustrate the benefits of allowing kids to play, take risks, fall and even fail, "Stunt Sitter” showcased Graff as an unassuming babysitter for the real-life Liston family, including seven-year old Chase, ten-year-old Sienna and their parents, David and Jodie. Unbeknownst to the kids, Nexcare flipped the family’s safeguarded backyard into a full scale jungle gym, where Graff revealed her ninja-like skills and unleashed hours of bravery-building activities. From scaling up a 15-foot wall to balancing across a teeter-totter over their “off-limits” pool, Jessie guided Chase and Sienna through some of the most adventurous challenges of their young lives, all while their anxious parents watched through hidden cameras. After completing the obstacles with just a few mild falls and stumbles, the kids successfully tested their limits while their parents realized just how capable – and more importantly, resilient – their children really are.

“As a child, my parents supported me when I wanted to push myself and take some physical risks. That led to plenty of scrapes and bruises, but ultimately helped me build confidence and mental toughness while I honed my physical skills,” said Graff. “That freedom is what helped me accomplish my dreams of becoming a stunt woman and an NBC American Ninja Warrior. I loved watching Chase and Sienna’s confidence grow during the time I spent with them, and it was just as rewarding to see their parents’ confidence in them grow, too.”

The Nexcare Stunt Sitter’s Guide to Raising Resilient Kids

  1. Teach Them How to Fall: When kids know how to fall safely, they have the freedom and confidence to try almost anything.
  2. Every Fall Is a Lesson: After a fall, your first instinct as a parent is to run over and coddle your kids. Instead, congratulate them on the risk they took and work on building their mental and physical toughness by reminding them everyone falls and persistence makes them heroic.
  3. Train to Treat a Scratch: Instead of “fixing boo boos,” use every scrape as a lesson on caring for broken skin. Nexcare™ Waterproof bandages have great staying power and provide a four-sided seal, protecting against water, dirt and germs.
  4. Teach Risk Evaluation: Help instill and build the skill of risk evaluation in your kids. Then, you’ll trust them—and they’ll trust themselves—to make decisions on their own.
  5. Building Confidence—For Both of You: It takes time for kids to be daring on their own, but building trust and confidence in them can be done through practice. Start with small risks, then slowly build in fun, new challenges. This allows them to master risks with you by their side. Then, trusting them to handle it on their own becomes a natural next step.

To learn more about the campaign and see videos of Graff’s tips on raising resilient kids and taking appropriate risks, visit and follow #ToughLove with @Nexcare on Facebook and Instagram.

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1 Angela Duckworth (2016) Grit, The Power of Passion and Perseverance

2 Fink, Jennifer, F. M. (2016) The Power of Defeat: How to Raise a Kid With Grit.


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