The First DT Peace Park and Monument in North American Continent

NEW YORK--() Demudu Tandri Institutions for Global Peace project goes to upstate New York to physically establish the DT Peace Monument surrounded by DT theme park and integrated wellness resort.

“Peace is not the absence of violence and cruelty and mere survival but harmonious and purposeful living leaving the legacy behind for next generations”

Sara Gana, CEO of GVLN Peaceland Incorporation says that DT Peace Project aims to unite the world in practical step-changes towards a more peaceful tomorrow with the mission of ‘Connecting 7 Continents and uniting all the Nations’ towards peace. She says it will become symbol for the world to drive action, source of energy to harness consciousness. It provides functional, artistic space to collectively build a more purposeful life through events, education, shared knowledge, exhibitions, shows, performances and seminars. Forward thinking, digital integration, sculptures of real-world peacemakers and mentorship are other highlights of the project.

“Peace is not the absence of violence and cruelty and mere survival but harmonious and purposeful living leaving the legacy behind for next generations” – Demudu Tandri. And ‘Peace and harmony are not just the functional prerogative of Monks and Saints. They are essential commodities for all businesses and healthy societies’ says Demudu Tandri.

They are also in the process of Dream Team building with and extending invitations to world Leaders, Celebrities from all walks, Corporate Heads and Media partnerships to make a stand for global peace and become the PEACEMAKERS OF TOMORROW. The project also includes high concept feature length Hollywood movie. New York incorporated for-profit GVLN Peaceland presents its works and mission of Demudu Tandri Institutions for Global Peace. These pioneering works combine great potential for call to action globally with cause, cultural, entertainment, sponsorship and membership elements inspiring answers to the daunting global issues while targeting tourism, economic sustainability and National integrity. Their future agenda includes providing free education from Kindergarten to Post graduation in various disciplines through DT Peace Institutions.

12 years of social research and communicating with world leaders and businesses, and at the intersection of toughest global challenges and technological advancements, this project brings-forth business opportunity for sustainable economic development and proactive global alliances

She says, they have multiple corporate sponsorship benefits packages available for the DT Peace project. Also, through the Five-Point agenda, they offer annual paid and complimentary sponsor DT Global Peace Club memberships at nominal fee.


GVLN Peaceland Incorporation
Sara Gana, 718-841-7607

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