Black Hills Receiver LLC Stabilizes Operations of 19 Healthcare Facilities in South Dakota

Local Operators Maintain Focus on Quality Resident Care

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.--()--On May 1, 2018, nineteen South Dakota healthcare facilities formerly operated by Skyline Healthcare affiliates were placed in receivership with Black Hills Receiver LLC in an effort to stabilize their operations. Since then, Black Hills Receiver LLC has provided operational expertise and critical administrative support services to enable the employees of these facilities to focus on delivering quality resident care. Working with the State and the committed regional and facility leadership, Black Hills Receiver’s stabilization efforts have furthered the facilities’ goal of protecting the health and safety of residents as well as provided immediate support needed to meet the payroll and benefits needs of staff.

The primary goal for the Receiver and the employees is to remain focused on the health, safety and well-being of the residents.

Because the State and Black Hills Receiver acted swiftly, our teams are now receiving substantial support from individuals with many, many years of experience supporting nursing facilities and robust administrative support processes. The State also helped to ensure that the facilities gained access to needed working capital. These efforts allowed us to avoid any interruption of service to our food, medical supplies, utilities, or pharmacy services,” said Debbie Menzenberg, Regional Vice President of Black Hills Healthcare. “We also gained access to a tremendous amount of clinical consultant expertise. Black Hills Receiver has enhanced the facilities’ work through improved access to medical directors, operational best practices, education, improved administrative procedures and a team that is actively educating us and helping us as we focus on meeting operational and clinical needs.”

In addition to delivering operational support for the facilities, employees are consistently receiving their paychecks on time. Health Insurance benefits for employees has been secured and was effective May 1, 2018.

Everyone is operating in the best interest of the residents. Our number one priority is protecting the residents and supporting the facilities in their delivery of quality care,” said Wanda Prince, President of Black Hills Receiver LLC. “The caring employees have made this delicate legal process seamless and I can’t say enough about how dedicated they have remained to their residents and each other. I am thankful to work with so many professional clinicians and caregivers in South Dakota and every day we see improvements.”

As appropriate, Black Hills Receiver will provide additional updates regarding the stabilization process.

[Media Note: All buildings have been instructed to direct media inquiries to the contact below. We ask that you use this press release information for your outlet’s needs. The facilities managed by Black Hills Receiver are the home of many residents. Facility staff will be focused on resident care and not providing comments outside of the information contained in this release. Black Hills Receiver thanks you for your cooperation.]


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Release Summary

Black Hills Receiver LLC stabilizes operations of 19 South Dakota healthcare facilities placed in receivership.