Snow Park Affirms Its Commitment to Disproving Unfounded Allegations Made by Disgruntled Ex-Employee

NEW YORK--()--Snow Park Capital Partners, LP (“Snow Park” or “”the firm” or we”), a leading investment management firm focused on publicly-traded real estate securities and founded by Mr. Jeffrey Pierce, today issued the following statement in response to recent news reports related to a baseless, unsubstantiated lawsuit brought against the firm by its former Chief Financial Officer:

“The meritless lawsuit brought against us this week by a disgruntled ex-employee is built entirely on falsehoods and unsubstantiated claims that we categorically deny. These unfounded allegations come from a former Snow Park employee whose employment terminated after a routine inspection uncovered the unauthorized transfer of management company monies to a personal bank account. In the aftermath, this individual attempted to remove and destroy evidence related to the actions by returning to our offices multiple times after hours once employment ended.

Those who know Snow Park can attest to the fact that our firm is founded and operated on a code of conduct that insists on professionalism, honesty and respect for all individuals. Sadly, we believe that the firm and our founder are now being wrongfully accused of reprehensible acts as part of an ongoing effort to extract a payment from us.

We have no choice now but to fight these groundless allegations through all available legal channels. To be clear, we have every confidence that an ultimate showcase of the facts in this matter will reveal that these recent legal claims are fabrications and serve to fully vindicate us.”


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