TARSUS ENTERTAINMENT Founder Jonathan Eubanks Announces His Newest Entertainment Platform, TARSUS

IRVINE, Calif.--()--Jonathan Eubanks, the Founder and Chairman of Tarsus Entertainment, is proud to announce his newest entertainment platform called TARSUS. Jonathan has dedicated the last few years of his career to create an innovative user-friendly operating system referred to as “AnnaniAS™” which drives this robust, poly-system platform (maneuvers seamlessly across iOS and Android platforms) that revolutionizes our relationship with television in ways never seen before. TARSUS makes a standard TV “smart” and a smart TV, smarter.

Jonathan is a 24-year veteran of the video gaming industry, with over 60 game titles to his credit (the majority of which, were based upon film/television/comics intellectual property owned by Universal Studios and Warner Bros Interactive Studios). During his tenure as the Executive Development Director at each of these studios, Jonathan envisioned that there were many functional elements missing which could be developed to create a proper, cohesive future inspired television experience. He and his talented team created a method on how to migrate multiple experiences across the consumers' existing tablets and mobile phones while keeping all of those devices compatible. Thus, TARSUS was born.

We have engaged a ‘user-experience first’ philosophy which fuels my approach when it comes to manipulating digital technologies enhancing the home entertainment experience,” said Jonathan. “The success of Tarsus Entertainment depends upon the achievement of delivering an entertainment experience that is intuitive to use, which possesses uncompromised and unparalleled performance, and is accessible wherever in the world the customer is.

With no less than 40 patents for Tarsus Entertainment’s proprietary systems, future customers can anticipate a myriad of cutting edge features bundled into a singular portable system, everything in one place, any place.

Jonathan Eubanks is dedicated to building the Tarsus Entertainment brand as the one that delivers a singularly unique, must-have entertainment experience.

About Tarsus

Tarsus Entertainment is a company developing and revolutionizing the way people use their technological devices. Its proprietary operating system will incorporate apps and entertainment options at lower cost, faster speed, and with better user experience.

Executive team and launch dates will be announced soon. For more information contact Sarah Pickell: sarah.pickell@tarsusentertainment.com 949.214.4040


Tarsus Entertainment
Sarah Pickell, 949.214.4040


Release Summary

TARSUS makes a standard TV “smart” and a smart TV, smarter.

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