China Wants More Visitors but Visas Are Still Needed to Enter the Middle Kingdom: VisaHQ Steps In

WASHINGTON--()--The Chinese government knows that future of their nation lies in tourism. Some provinces no longer require tourist visas at all and e-visas are becoming increasingly available to citizens around the world. American tourists who plan to visit the mainland, however, must still have visas for the time being. Getting a visa to China is simpler thanks to VisaHQ, the leading online visa and passport application solution.

“Since we review every application for our clients our visa approval rate is close to 100%.”

VisaHQ’s user-friendly smart form makes it easy to fill out visa applications online. Guided step-by-step directions and a powerful AI engine check applicants’ information for errors before submitting it to local teams of visa experts.

“We used VisaHQ to assist with the process of obtaining our tourist visas for China,” says Suzanne Thompson “The experience, done entirely online, was so fast and easy. We were kept updated throughout the process and when there was a minor issue with the photographs we had submitted, we were notified right away and able to fix it quickly and easily.”

Suzanne’s experience is not unique. VisaHQ helps its clients avoid all sorts of headaches when they travel to China. The Chinese visa obtention process is notoriously stringent, so having access to all of the company’s resources changes the game for travelers.

"When you look at the reasons why Chinese visa applications are refused, you see that 99% of the time it could have been avoided. For instance, people occasionally apply for the wrong type of visa, their visa photos are exactly 33mm wide and 48mm tall or the invitation letter aren’t convincing," said VisaHQ CEO Alexander Yaroshenko. “Since we review every application for our clients our visa approval rate is close to 100%.”

VisaHQ’s visa expert staff, operating out of 24 offices in 12 countries, can assist with everything from simple inquiries to complex situations. The global team takes pride in making sure clients have incredible experiences as they journey to China.

“It is still early days for China’s tourism", says Yaroshenko, "Yet inbound tourism is strongly encouraged and, since the end of April, American citizens can enter the island of Hainan, also known as the ‘Hawaii of China,’ without obtaining a visa."

It is critical to note that Hainan is an exception and business travelers and tourists to the mainland are still required to apply for a visa through a process that takes four business days.

Visa applications for American citizens traveling to China is VisaHQ’s number one service, closely followed visas to India, Russia and Brazil. According to the Chinese government website, inbound passenger traffic to China increase by 2.4% in the first half of 2017, compared with the same period of 2016 while outbound traffic was up 5.1% for the same period.

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VisaHQ’s online platform makes it simple to obtain travel visas by streamlining and automating the application process. Whether you are a seasoned business traveler or a first-time overseas vacationer, our secure and intuitive platform saves time and hassle leaving you free to focus on your upcoming trip.

Headquartered in Washington D.C., VisaHQ was founded in 2003 on the premise that physical borders between nations can be made invisible via technology. Our mission has always been to create a more accessible, secure world for every traveler.

Today, the company has 24 offices in 12 countries and is continuously expanding to new locations. See for more information.


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The Chinese government encourages tourism yet visas are still required. Getting a visa to China is now simpler thanks to VisaHQ.