Dublin Is Europe’s 3rd Priciest Spring Destination, According to Survey

LONDON--()--Dublin is one of the most expensive European cities for hotel stays this spring, according to a survey by Cheaprooms.co.uk. The website compared hotel rates across 40 popular city destinations for the month of May.

For each city, the price for the cheapest available double room during May 2018 was established. Only hotels situated in the city centre and rated three stars or more were included.

With an average rate of €142 euros per night for the most affordable double room, Dublin ranks as the 3rd priciest European city for accommodation. Surprisingly, this puts the Irish capital ahead of even London, which is the 7th most expensive city overall, according to the survey.

Top of the rankings is the Dutch capital of Amsterdam, where visitors will have to pay an average of €192 euros per night for the least expensive room. Runner-up is the Danish capital of Copenhagen, where the cheapest room costs an average of €162 euros per night.

Of all the cities considered by the survey, the least expensive is Istanbul with an average rate of just €31 euros per night. Also on the cheaper end are Moscow and Kakow, where visitors should find a room for below €50 euros per night.

The table below shows the 10 priciest city destinations in Europe this spring. The rates displayed reflect the average price for each destination's cheapest available double room (minimum 3 star hotel) from 1 – 30 May 2018.

1. Amsterdam €192 euros
2. Copenhagen €162 euros
3. Dublin €142 euros
4. Zurich €141 euros
5. Venice €138 euros
6. Milan €134 euros
7. London €127 euros
8. Barcelona €124 euros
9. Hamburg €124 euros
10. Oslo €123 euros

For the full results of the survey, check https://www.cheaprooms.co.uk/press/spring18.html


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