Glen Wakeman Reveals Launchpad's Benefits of Mentoring for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

MIAMI--()--The Founder and CEO of Launchpad Holdings, LLC, Glen Wakeman, revealed to CEOCFO Magazine how mentoring truly enables early-stage entrepreneurs to start their own business, better perform, and avoid common pitfalls. Launchpad is a SAAS firm that provides online business planning to entrepreneurs, and the statement highlights the company’s core philosophies as well as the results of its mentoring services across a range of industries.

“It would have been a huge distraction.”

“We've learned that ideas and plans are not the same thing. Our goal is to provide a structured way of thinking about and building a plan that is fast and easy to use. With a plan in hand, it will be making it much easier for entrepreneurs to then go and raise capital from friends and family or from whomever.”

In discussing Launchpad’s services, Glen Wakeman focused on three common situations he encounters with early-stage entrepreneurs, and how he helps his entrepreneurial clients overcome these obstacles.

The first scenario involves the entrepreneur who has not fully formulated their business plan. Launchpad helps guide these clients through the planning stage to help them lower risk. The second, is the owner who takes on too many initial responsibilities. In these cases, Launchpad advises clients on how to prioritize the most pressing early-stage considerations. Third is the client who fails to alter their product in accordance with test data. As a dispassionate third party, Launchpad analyzes product changes without the emotional connection an entrepreneur may feel toward their own product.

Glen Wakeman also highlighted past mentoring he has conducted, and the results those clients achieved.

“My experience with mentoring includes both old-school brick and mortar start-ups as well as online retailing and SAAS,” said Wakeman. In the first case, the owner wanted to divert funds internationally before building its US market. Wakeman advised against that course, stating that “It would have been a huge distraction.” For the retailer, he advised that their fulfillment process for proposed donations “Was too expensive to make it plausible.” For the SAAS company, a babysitting firm, he identified that “The company incorrectly applied the background checking services of UBER to its situation and believed it relevant. It [was not]. Babysitters need a much more thorough and expensive review.”

For all three cases, a course correction was advised. The two clients that implemented the recommended changes, the brick and mortar start-up and the retailer, went on to early-stage success. The one that ignored early-stage mentoring never got funded.

“The idea is to turn ideas into plans, thereby reducing the risk of failure,” adds Glen Wakeman.

About Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is the CEO and Founder of Launchpad Holdings, LLC. He has an extensive background as a global executive, mentor, investor and inventor. As a veteran business owner, Wakeman has lived in six countries and worked in thirty-two countries during his twenty-year career with GE Capital. He has led businesses with over 17,000 employees and $15 billion in assets. Today, his focus is on start-ups, integrations, and new market entry for budding entrepreneurs. For more info, visit:

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Launchpad Holdings is a SAAS firm that enables early-stage entrepreneurs to increase their success rates by providing online business planning services. Founders Glen Wakeman and Rick Cano have lived, worked, and built companies around the world. With hundreds of capital market transactions under their belt, they've raised hundreds of millions of dollars of new equity and lead large organizations in Fortune 10 companies. Launchpad provides an energetic ecosystem of advisors, thought leaders, accelerators and capital providers.


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