TTN Fleet Solutions Adds Key Functionality to FleetAssist® Management Software

DALLAS--()--TTN Fleet Solutions President and Founder Jeff St. Pierre announced today a significant enhancement to FleetAssist®, the market-leading software for managing preventive maintenance and emergency roadside service events. TTN Fleet Solutions provides a “from the industry” staffed Emergency Road Service (ERS) service center and a full-service management maintenance service solution that utilizes the FleetAssist software platform to help fleet operators plan, schedule, and implement service before an emergency breakdown strikes.

“Customers will continue to get the better of their local relationships or the TTN national network”

The FleetAssist platform focuses on maximizing uptime by keeping fleets in like-new condition. The software monitors equipment, warranty data, and hours of usage to help fleet operators achieve low maintenance costs while remaining in compliance with preventive maintenance schedules and government regulations. With seamless integration into other third party maintenance, reporting and predictive analytic systems, FleetAssist provides a single solution to manage the entire life cycle with a robust data analytics reporting package integrated for the fleet to measure real-time and historic maintenance performance and trends.

"Our customers manage fleets with anywhere from a dozen or so cars, busses, or trucks to thousands of them," explained St. Pierre. "With the next generation of FleetAssist we will provide operators with an unprecedented cost avoidance and repair and maintenance management tool to help lower costs for service, parts, and repairs across their entire fleets. The results will be hard dollar savings, streamlined administration, and greater equipment availability."

The new FleetAssist feature is an integrated dashboard that is the central focus of all stakeholders involved in a maintenance event. This dashboard allows users in a wide range of roles to see the real-time status of customers' assets. Whether a user is the driver, operations manager, service writer, master planner, company executive, safety manager, or a field service maintenance manager, the FleetAssist Dashboard provides access to the state of all the company assets, enabling the user to sort by specific state of repair. This innovation will help TTN maintain its lead on the competition.

Although FleetAssist will now provide an even more complete managed maintenance, breakdown and accident recovery solution, clients can continue to leverage the national network of thousands of the best service providers with whom TTN has negotiated "priority pricing," while still accommodating the existing service partners of fleet owners.

"Customers will continue to get the better of their local relationships or the TTN national network," said St. Pierre. "Furthermore, FleetAssist will now help assign providers, schedule and coordinate services, ensure services are performed as requested, and that no more time, labor or materials are used than necessary when services are performed. And because FleetAssist tracks data associated with every maintenance transaction, customers will get a never-before-view of fleet performance and costs."

As always, customers can also choose between using their own emergency call centers or TTN's 24/7/365 center, which is staffed by expert mechanics and technicians.

"Either way," St. Pierre concluded, "FleetAssist now represents the industry's most modern system for managing preventive maintenance, recovering from unexpected breakdowns, and maximizing fleet operations. We're pleased to be introducing the upgraded FleetAssist at a time when we're gaining market share while competitors struggle to keep up with the increasing demands of our industry."

TTN Fleet Solutions helps customers achieve better business results with industry-leading vehicle maintenance and repair services. The company offers emergency roadside assistance, towing and accident management, scheduled and preventive maintenance, and call center solutions.

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TTN Fleet Solutions announces enhancements to FleetAssist®, market-leading software for managing preventive maintenance and events.

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