Tokeneed: Be A Part of The Global Revolution

LOS ANGELES--()--From social media platforms through sharing economy to Blockchain, in the past decade, the most forward-thinking technological revolutions have all been based on the idea of the Internet.

Back in the technology “stone age” aka ten years ago, legend has it that we could communicate with people from across the globe. That we could shop through mobile apps and make financial investments at the touch of a fingertip. That movies and live entertainments are no farther than your arm’s reach. But believe it or not, that “legend” has come and gone in a flash, a new revolution of decentralization will be a significant part of our lives. It will take all that we know as of today to a whole new level. And it’s already here!

Blockchain Developers, visionary entrepreneurs, and tech-savvy consumers all want to embrace the idea of decentralization for various reasons. We want to proudly tell our grandchildren that we were part of this grand scheme of the internet revolution. That we were the risk takers, the pioneers of it all! Yet there are uncertainties and setbacks about this movement. Because with any revolution, a new beginning always brings sacrifices. There will be individuals who seek to fraudulently reap the benefits of the masses, which in turn lessens the confidence level of those who participate lawfully. These participants, although seasoned in the financial world but are often new to the Blockchain industry. And with new projects announced every day, it can be overwhelming to follow the community groups and their platforms, let alone have sufficient time to evaluate every project. Often times, participants will miss out the opportunity to participate or even participated in the scam project.

By now we can all agree, a thriving industry can be chaotic, but more pitfalls come when some creators of the projects are there to take advantage of the participants. These projects as we know by now are called “air coins.” What is scarier is that even with legit projects, fraudsters are creating fake websites and groups blindly taking participants’ hard-earned money. Furthermore, without concrete regulation and industry standards of practices, it is even more difficult to pinpoint the good and the bad. How then, you ask, can we minimize our risk and participate in legitimate projects that focus on Blockchain and the betterment of the communities.

The answer is not as simple as one might think. We must tackle this question from another angle. Legitimate project creators focus on building the project. They dedicate a significant portion of their effort on the technological aspect of things. This often leaves the non-technical side of things such as marketing and legal wide open for attacks. As we have seen in the past, many great ideas fell because of this single reason. To ensure project runs successfully, project creators have to go through rigorous steps before launching a project properly. What if we let the project creators do what they do best and leave the rest to a professional platform where everyone can benefit from its services.

Tokeneed is aiming to provide a better service platform to everyone from all sides of the market. It has a team of professionals with backgrounds in marketing and finance as well as in technology and legal knowledge in the Blockchain industry. Tokeneed has implemented rigorous assessment procedures, selecting only the best of the best Blockchain projects for the betterment of the community! Starting with standard-setting projects such as Merculet and Egretia. Tokeneed sets a high-quality standard for not only the project creators but also project participants. Because Tokeneed has its reputation in identifying only the best projects, participants do not have to worry about participating in low quality or fraudulent projects at all. On the other hand, project creators won’t need to worry about the legality of the participants either. Giving them time to focus on the project. What’s more, Tokeneed utilizes various technical mechanisms to protect the safety of user's data and privacy.

As the pioneers of a secure and trustworthy ecosystem for the Blockchain era, Tokeneed has created a safe and reliable platform for those who want to join this revolution by closing the gap between project creators and the internet communities.


Harry TK