Smart Content Company MagicWindow Closed B Round Funding, DHVC China Fund Leads

  • Quarks Capital followed

LOS ANGELES--()--Recently, leading smart content company in China, MagicWindow announced that it had closed its B round fundraising. The total capital raised was tens of millions of RMB. This round is led by DHVC China Fund, followed by G20 Group. G20 Group focuses on strategic new industries development and capital management. After successfully entering into new retail, new material, clean energy and other fields, G20 Group has recognized the vision of blockchain technology and decided to invest in MagicWindow due to its potential in blockchain industry. Other than that, Quarks Capital also invested in this round.

MagicWindow was founded three years ago and has been working on helping entrepreneurs realize rapid growth through new technologies. Since the second half of 2017, the company spent most of its resources on researching and developing the one-stop solution for entrepreneurial companies to enjoy rapid growth using blockchain technology. Right now, the solution has been proved successful in some trail cases.

Before B Round, MagicWindow had already raised several rounds of capital, and the total amount exceeded one hundred million RMB. This round of funding will mainly be used to recruit technical experts and penetrate the global market.


Tina Zhou

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Smart Content company MagicWindow Closed B Round Funding, DHVC China Fund Leads