Quantum Cloud Bring Hyper-Converged Products To Hollywood at 2018 NABShow

BEIJING--()--In April 8, 2018, Quantum Cloud Las Vegas NABSHOW successfully held the theme of "Enable Creativity" product press conference. The focus of this meeting is “Quantum Force Media," which is a super integration device based on ARM architecture.

According to the IDC report, the need for more flexible and scalable infrastructure and computing for enterprise users is huge, and rapid deployment and management will be an important reference value for customers. Like the Intel and Nvidia architecture, there is a widespread criticism of high power consumption and low energy efficiency. For this reason, quantum cloud will combine cloud computing technology with industry application in the future, and create super-integrated film and television all-in-one machine with high speed, efficiency, simplicity and energy saving.

In appearance, the barrel body of 1300mm*600mm is adopted, which is derived from the aircraft engine's style, which symbolizes the surging performance. At the same time, the ultra-low noise, small volume, portable and other features, provide customers with more convenient one-stop terminal computing services.

On features, it is minimalist, intelligent, and automated; Support renderings real-time preview and distributed partition rendering; Mainstream rendering plug-in support; Cross-platform application; Support for hybrid cloud patterns and so on

At the conference, Li Fu, the future CEO of Quantum Cloud, gave a detailed explanation of the product and the future development trend: the rapid rise of the super fusion architecture will become the mainstream of the modular data center in the future. Quantum cloud storage system of new products, server virtualization and service integration for integrated extensible device, can effectively meet the needs of various workloads, intelligent, committed to build safe, convenient and easy to operate professional SaaS cloud computing operating equipment. Support for enterprise applications, data transmission, virtualization, data analysis, etc., construction of IT to reduce costs, improve server scalability and security at the same time, further help customers to reduce the operation complexity, optimize management cost control requirements.


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