Aligned Telehealth Launches Correctional Health Division

--New Division Addresses Need to Serve Inmate-Patients With Dedicated Correctional Health Psychiatric Services--

CALABASAS, Calif.--()--Aligned Telehealth, one of the nation’s leading behavioral healthcare solutions provider, announced today it has launched a dedicated correctional health division, Aligned Correctional Health, addressing the growing demand for telepsychiatry and specialized on-site services for incarcerated inmate-patients.

“The national shortage of psychiatric providers is further complicated for correctional health providers by the security, environment and stigma of correctional facilities.”

Using trained correctional health providers and specialized technology solutions, Aligned Correctional Health facilitates timely access to professional psychiatric care for inmate-patients. Reducing the need for prisoner movements and extending psychiatric coverage around the clock minimizes delays in care delivery, reduces risk to the inmate-patients and facility personnel, reduces the cost of inmate transportation and reduces the impact of behavioral emergencies.

The company has been providing services to mentally ill offenders in partnership with correctional health providers since 2014 and established the dedicated division specifically for this unique patient sector, in response to growing demand. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, more than half of incarcerated Americans live with mental illness; more than 75% of these same inmates also have chemical dependency diagnoses.

“Millions of Americans with mental health conditions are incarcerated each year and do not receive the care they need,” said Miles Kramer, LCSW, CCHP, executive vice president of business development at Aligned and a former Correctional Health Administrator. “The national shortage of psychiatric providers is further complicated for correctional health providers by the security, environment and stigma of correctional facilities.

“Aligned Correctional Health delivers a comprehensive behavioral health solution to our partners; providing traditional in-person, scheduled and on-demand telehealth for correctional facilities across the United States, improving continuity and quality of care for incarcerated individuals,” Kramer added.

Aligned Correctional Health won a successful bid last month to provide telepsychiatry and on-site psychiatry to the Orange County Detention Health System in Southern California beginning in summer of 2018 and is finalizing talks with several comprehensive medical providers in other parts of the United States to expand the company’s correctional health division under direct and white label agreements.

“We have expanded our staff of seasoned correctional health professionals,” said Nitin Nanda, MD, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Aligned Telehealth. “Through Aligned Correctional Health, we provide a unique service, with 24-7-365 access to on-demand mental health services and psychiatric care allowing correctional health and custody personnel to deliver timely care for inmates in psychiatric crises, ensuring access and continuity of care without the cost and limitations of a 100% on-site care team.”

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Aligned Telehealth, Inc. provides on-site and telemedicine, consultative and technology-based behavioral health solutions to hospitals, long-term care facilities, outpatient clinics, and correctional programs.

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