Gilson Demonstrates First Cloud-Connected Liquid Handling Tools at Analytica 2018

Live Trials to Show How Internet-enabled Pipettes Can Improve Productivity and Verifiable Research

MIDDLETON, Wis. & MUNICH--()--Gilson will exhibit for the first time Gilson Connect, its recently launched cloud-connected platform that powers smart liquid handling devices, at the Analytica 2018 conference held in Munich, Germany (April 10-13, 2018). Gilson Connect includes the company’s first Internet of Things (IoT) products: TRACKMAN® Connected, an all-in-one kit that includes a tablet with the PipettePilot™ tracker application, and PIPETMAN® M Connected, a Bluetooth-enabled smart electronic pipette.

“Cloud-connected pipettes have increased the productivity in our lab by automating repetitive processes, tracking pipetting protocols, generating reports, and removing the need for manual checklists every time an experiment is carried out”

Gilson Connect devices can record and track pipette performance in real-time and transmit data to sciNote, a free, open-source electronic lab notebook (ELN). Researchers have the ability to check their pipetting data to detect errors and help improve traceability and experiment reproducibility. An environmental sensor wirelessly connects to the tablet and app, giving researchers a time stamped record of environmental conditions, which can affect pipetting accuracy. By partnering with sciNote, the Gilson Connect platform makes it possible for researchers to store data and consolidate records in a secure location that is easily accessible and sharable, effectively eliminating lost data, a significant contributor to the irreproducibility crisis.

“With the Gilson Connect devices, we want to make it as convenient as possible for researchers to save, report and share their findings,” said Steven DeCabooter, Director of Product Information Platforms at Gilson. “Our demonstrations at our Analytica booth will allow interested scientists to see for themselves exactly how integrating these IoT devices into the lab can help improve reproducibility and achieve higher productivity in their research.”

Gilson will provide real-time demonstrations at Booth 327 (Hall B1) highlighting how to create a pipette protocol, connect the PIPETMAN M via Bluetooth, execute a protocol, review and export data reports, and store data in sciNote.

“Cloud-connected pipettes have increased the productivity in our lab by automating repetitive processes, tracking pipetting protocols, generating reports, and removing the need for manual checklists every time an experiment is carried out,” said Valentina Garcia, a researcher who is using TRACKMAN Connected and PIPETMAN M Connected to streamline her in vitro experiments as a participant of Gilson’s limited release program. “It’s easy to get lost in the pipetting process and end up having to redo the experiment all over again. Gilson’s connected platform helps us to keep track of data in a simple, straightforward manner, saving time, energy and valuable reagents.”

Gilson Connect products are available through a limited release program giving participating researchers first access to the technology and the opportunity to test the connected products in working laboratories. Several researchers with early access are currently partnering with Gilson’s R&D teams to provide an active voice in product enhancement efforts. Gilson invites interested labs to join the early access community by signing up at Analytica (Booth 327), or by visiting the limited release entry request page.

There will also be live demonstrations of a new cloud-based application at the Gilson booth: the Antha software. Developed by Synthace, Antha is an integrated cloud-based platform for experimental design, execution, and data management. Antha will integrate directly with Gilson’s PIPETMAX® liquid handler, offering users a powerful, visual tool to create and automate biological assays for more verifiable research.

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About TRACKMAN Connected

TRACKMAN Connected is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet preloaded with the app PipettePilot developed by Gilson, which guides users through microplate pipetting protocols. Results generated by Gilson Connected devices are displayed through a report that the user can export in pdf format, or be shared to sciNote, a free open source electronic lab notebook. TRACKMAN Connected also comes with a tablet holder, microplate holder, microplate adapters, and an environment sensor that wirelessly monitors ambient temperature, humidity, and pressure conditions.

About PIPETMAN M Connected

The PIPETMAN M Connected is a Bluetooth pipette that works synchronously with TRACKMAN Connected and the PipettePilot app to record pipetting data locally and to assist the user during a protocol execution.

About Gilson

Gilson is a family owned global manufacturer of sample management and purification solutions for the life sciences industry. We help researchers advance the pace of discovery by creating easy-to-use lab devices that improve reproducibility and traceability. Since 1957, we’ve been developing innovative products, such as the first continuously adjustable-volume pipette, PIPETMAN®. By partnering closely with the scientific community, we have advanced our portfolio offerings, adding automated pipetting systems and chromatography instruments, plus intuitive software management capabilities. Backed by worldwide R&D, service, and support, Gilson strives to enable verifiable science and to make lab life easier for our customers.


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Gilson will exhibit Gilson Connect, its cloud-connected platform that powers smart liquid handling devices, at Analytica 2018.