ComfortTrim Kickstarter Launches Yardwork Trimming Protection That Works

GARDEN CITY, Kan.--()--Today, ComfortTrim announced the launch of its premiere yardwork leg protection on Kickstarter. Whether a homeowner or professional lawn care provider, ComfortTrim’s patent-pending design is the perfect lawn and gardening solution to keep legs safer and clean, while cutting grass with a string trimmer. ComfortTrim is comfortable, light-weight and effective, all while acting as durable entry-level leg protection with high ventilated air circulation. Check out ComfortTrim’s Kickstarter program here:

“Like most of you, we got tired of getting our shins beat up and covered with grass while doing yardwork”

“Like most of you, we got tired of getting our shins beat up and covered with grass while doing yardwork,” said Troy Huber, Inventor of ComfortTrim. “With how important lawn and gardening upkeep is nationwide, we realized there was a problem to be solved. With the perfect solution in mind, we knew this product needed to be comfortable, durable and universal in sizing. In turn, we came to the shop and we got busy inventing the solution. After several designs and rigorous R&D, we nailed it and came up with ComfortTrim.”

“I’ve been in the lawn care profession for more than 10 years and I was glad to work with Troy Huber as a ComfortTrim product tester during the design process. This is the first time I can honestly say I have been able to do my job comfortably thanks to ComfortTrim,” said Jeff Salyer, owner and operator of Salyer Lawn Care.

ComfortTrim is an affordable, stylish and effective solution that:

  • Keep legs cool, clean and comfortable
  • Eliminates the sting of biting flies and mosquitos
  • Is footwear friendly and slips on and off easily
  • Durable to use for many seasons
  • Adjustable fit that keeps ComfortTrim in place and comfortable
  • Breathable mesh keeps legs cool, even when wearing jeans
  • Easy cleanup – coated with material that allows for easy rinsing with water

Designed to fit over any type of shoe, the product can be worn as added protection to pants as well as with shorts. ComfortTrim’s unique rear-open mesh design allows the feeling of shorts although the legs remain covered. Designed to slide on and off your legs hassle-free, the soft comfort strip wraps the lower leg and fastens below the knee with its v-cut design. The non-stick surface also works as a barrier from yard trimmings and insects. With not much upkeep needed, ComfortTrim can be rinsed and laid out to dry within minutes of use.

For more information on ComfortTrim, check out the Kickstarter and secure your pair, today.

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About ComfortTrim

ComfortTrim is a yard work leg solution product for both the professional and homeowner. The comfortable, easy to slip on leg guards protect from itchy grass, stickers, small gravel and biting flies. They can be worn with pants and shorts. The unique design provides air flow which allows for the feeling of shorts to remain although the legs are covered.


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