IFRS Validation Rules Published in 6th RuleSet from XBRL US Data Quality Committee

Public review and comment period open through May 7, 2018

NEW YORK--()--The XBRL US Data Quality Committee (DQC) announced that it has initiated a public review period for the sixth set of freely available, proposed rules, which now includes rules for foreign private issuers (FPI) filing using the IFRS Taxonomy. DQC rules and guidance are designed to be used by issuers to identify and correct errors in their SEC filings. The DQC, which is funded through the Center for Data Quality, is responsible for developing guidance and validation rules that can prevent or detect inconsistencies or errors in XBRL data filed with the SEC, and focuses on data quality issues that adversely affect data analysis.

“These rules are made freely available to all filers, and we strongly encourage all foreign private issuers using the IFRS Taxonomy to run these rules prior to SEC submission”

To support FPIs, the DQC is now developing rules for preparers using the IFRS Taxonomy, in addition to those using the US GAAP Financial Reporting Taxonomy. The Securities and Exchange Commission announced in March 2017, that the IFRS Taxonomy was available for FPIs to submit their financial statements in XBRL. Five rules specific to the IFRS Taxonomy in this latest ruleset cover potential errors in reversed calculations, date contexts, and the use of axes. New rules are also available for US GAAP filers, covering additional negative value errors and inappropriate axes usage. On April 11, a one-hour webinar will be held to present the new rules and demonstrate how to participate in the public review. Register here: http://xbrl.us/20180411

“Foreign private issuers, working with the newly approved IFRS Taxonomy, face the same challenges as those using the US GAAP Taxonomy, “ said Campbell Pryde, CEO of XBRL US, “The DQC is committed to providing guidance that will help these issuers prepare good quality financials for investors, regulators, and other data users.”

“These rules are made freely available to all filers, and we strongly encourage all foreign private issuers using the IFRS Taxonomy to run these rules prior to SEC submission,” said Lou Rohman, Chair of the DQC, and Vice President, Merrill Corporation.

The public review period will end on May 7. Issuers, data aggregators, XBRL software and service providers, as well as analysts are invited to review the 6th ruleset, and provide feedback that will be reviewed and potentially incorporated into the final guidance.

Visit the public review page: https://xbrl.us/public-review.

Members of the XBRL US Center for Data Quality include Altova, the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), Certent, DataTracks, Merrill Corporation, P3 Data Systems, and Vintage, a Toppan Vite company. For more information on the XBRL US Data Quality Committee and the Center for Data Quality, go to: http://xbrl.us/data-quality


XBRL US is the non-profit consortium for XBRL business reporting standards in the U.S. and represents the business information supply chain. Its mission is to support the implementation of business reporting standards through the development of taxonomies for use by U.S. public and private sectors, with a goal of interoperability between sectors, and by promoting XBRL adoption through marketplace collaboration. XBRL US has developed taxonomies for U.S. GAAP, credit rating and mutual fund reporting under contract with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and has developed industry-specific taxonomies for corporate actions and surety processing. http://xbrl.us

Visit the public review page: https://xbrl.us/public-review
Register for the April 11 webinar: http://xbrl.us/20180411
Learn more about the Data Quality Committee:https://xbrl.us/data-quality/committee/
Learn more about the Center for Data Quality: https://xbrl.us/data-quality/center/


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