TOKU-E Company Launches MycoRid™, a New Amphotericin B Solution Alternative

BELLINGHAM, Wash.--()--TOKU-E Company is proud to launch the new antifungal solution, MycoRid™, for the cell culture industry to replace the traditional solubilised amphotericin B solution as the standard for fungal protection.

For many years, cell cultures have been treated with amphotericin B (Fungizone) to remove fungal infections or discarded when the infection was too difficult to eradicate. The preparation of Fungizone stock solutions are troublesome because amphotericin B is almost insoluble in water. To make amphotericin B more soluble, labs would use an amphotericin B formulation with deoxycholate as a solubilizer. Unfortunately, deoxycholate is an animal origin solubilizer and has a high level of cytotoxicity.

“TOKU-E has successfully developed a new formulation that uses a polyene antifungal agent similar to amphotericin B with a polysaccharide as the solubilizer. Both the polysaccharide and our polyene antifungal agent have shown lower levels of cytotoxicity in cell culture. We have been using this MycoRid™ formulation in our affiliated cell culture labs for quite a few years. I am very glad the management of TOKU-E has decided to share the MycoRid™ formulation with the cell culture industry,” said Q. Pan, TOKU-E Scientist.

When compared with solubilised amphotericin B (Fungizone), MycoRid™ is a more stable solution that can be stored at 4°C for up to 3 months, unlike amphotericin B solutions which are only stable for 2-3 weeks at similar temperatures. The longer shelf-life, improved solubility, low-cytotoxicity and increased potency make MycoRid™ a better alternative to traditional antifungal formulations for prevention and removal of fungal infections in cell cultures.

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