Medoctor Telehealth System Offering Including Patents

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.--()--Medoctor, Inc., a private Delaware corporation, offers the Medoctor System, including USPTO and EPO PATENTS entitled “System and Method for Determining the Probable existence of Disease” for sale to highly-qualified parties.

“System and Method for Determining the Probable existence of Disease”

The patented consumer-operated technology coordinates gender, onsets, body parts and symptoms to diseases and conditions. Millions of Google Adwords have attracted smartphone users worldwide (76% female) to complete Medoctor Yes/No interviews. Medoctor’s Engine, using Bayesian statistics and applied mathematics based on a 26,568 California primary care physician case study, produces highly-structured user results / differential diagnoses. The 858 operative diseases and conditions cover Hay Fever to Heart Condition to HIV, Diabetes, Depression, Cancer and MS, allowing Big-Data collection at under one US$ per differential diagnosis.

Medoctor's Editor contains ICD-9 databases in medical, insurance and layman terminology with symptomotology and clinical versions. An unique Virtual Patient Program with 107,000 complete diagnoses is included.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and feedback loop are buzzwords in Healthcare IT today. Medoctor’s IP-protected system uses AI, ML and the feedback loop comes from the telehealth referral service available following each interview. HCIT – healthcare information technology attracts Investor / Private Equity / Investment Bank interest today, ex., the recent successful WebMD auction.

Medoctor’s technology offers multi-level advertising opportunities for HMOs, insurance companies, medical practices, gender and symptom-specific “page views” for pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacies. Medoctor’s system is linked to a physician network to produce referral fees. Advertising revenues, physician referral fees, big data sales and license fees from the databases, allow these assets to be profitable quickly.

Google Analytics show over 75% of Medoctor users in North America, the EU, South Africa and the Philippines on smartphones, 20% on tablets, only 5% on computers. The Medoctor System can be translated into Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Russian and other languages quickly and cost-effectively.

Medoctor has been tested worldwide, demonstrated at the World Health Organization in Geneva and the International Telecommunications Union sponsored a pilot at a Women-led Telecentre in Zambia.

Medoctor’s Assets are available for sale, unencumbered, to companies with sufficient resources to fully deploy this pre-primary care system globally.


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