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NEW YORK--()--Blockchain technology has unleashed a torrent of investment into cryptocurrency platforms and related concepts. New ideas now sprout to life on a constant basis, along with the concurrent issuance of tokens that underpin these blockchain platforms. These tokens, or cryptocurrency, have produced a voluminous market in which these assets are traded, bought, and sold around the globe. A marketplace is necessary for this trading, and the world cryptocurrency market has also brought an abundance of exchanges used by investors for this purpose.

This cryptocurrency explosion now offers an onslaught of information, exchange places, and troublesome issues for investors. One of the main difficulties is the fragmented nature of the market. Although there are thousands of tokens, there is not a central exchange on which they are traded. An exchange may list many different tokens, but no exchange possesses a universal menu of all tokens. Further, there is no comprehensive repository for timely cryptocurrency information. An investor can go to a site or an exchange that contains only snippets of information regarding the entire crypto market. Investors do not have a full picture of the true market., a new trading platform designed by seasoned traders and investors, plans a solution to these issues. will provide real time comprehensive information on the cryptocurrency market and its respective tokens, along with investment strategies and programmed trading, all within one platform. will connect to APIs of multiple exchanges, allowing investors to trade tokens in one place, and base their decisions on information that is featured in detailed graphic representations sorted along key investing criteria.

The platform itself will provide trading strategies and trends meant to optimize investor returns, based on the thorough real-time data obtained throughout the entire cryptocurrency market. Further, participants will be able to submit their own strategies, and measure the results. The platform is powered by the StockChain token, or SCC, and participants who develop winning investing strategies will be rewarded with the SCC token.

In addition to standard buy/sell trades, the platform also allows investors to trade derivative options such as puts, calls, and short sales. Investors will have the capability to hedge their trades based on market and currency fluctuations.

Importantly, the platform will also create index funds analogous to those that exist on the traditional equity markets. These funds will include cryptocurrency that is batched according to specific categories. will create exchange trade funds (ETFs), that mimic the tracked and benchmarked indexes, and allow investors to buy into the fund that recreates a segment of the cryptocurrency market.

The platform will provide programmed trading strategies that have been tested and proven effective. Massive amounts of data will also help with customized trading strategies that can be shared with other platform users.

The team is comprised of successful entrepreneurs, engineers, investors, and advisors who have been or are affiliated with some of the world’s most noteworthy institutions. The token pre-sale will soon commence, and additional details including their whitepaper are available on the website.


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