2nd Chance Sports Appoints Anthony Sica as President

Sica to Oversee Organization’s Donations of Sporting Equipment to Disadvantaged Children

NEW YORK--()--2nd Chance Sports (www.2ndchancesports.org), a non-profit organization that donates gently used and new sporting equipment to children in need throughout the New York City area, has appointed Anthony Sica of Sands Point, NY as President. He is employed full time as a Managing Director and partner of Joseph Gunnar & Co., a full-service broker-dealer located in New York City.

“Instead of throwing out the equipment, it made sense to me and my children to donate it to young people who could use it”

2nd Chance Sports was founded by President Anthony Sica along with his sons Anthony, Dylan and Matthew Sica. A sports-oriented family, the Sicas had a garage very similar to those of many families: it was cluttered with baseball, basketball, roller hockey and football equipment that the brothers had outgrown. Most of the items were in great condition and could still be used by others. While cleaning out the garage, they devised the idea of giving away all the used sporting equipment to children in need.

“Instead of throwing out the equipment, it made sense to me and my children to donate it to young people who could use it,” President Anthony Sica said. “This community project resulted in the formation of 2nd Chance Sports. My children saw this as a great way to express awareness and compassion for disadvantaged kids who could not afford to purchase sports equipment on their own. The organization allows concerned individuals to help improve the lives of children in need—one ball and one child at a time.”

The mission of 2nd Chance Sports is to benefit disadvantaged children and create a healthier and safer environment through the power of sports and play. Over the past five years, the organization has collected and distributed more than 22,500 pieces of equipment to areas in Nassau County, Suffolk County and New York City.

The organization collects donations of baseball equipment (including baseballs, gloves, bats, helmets, catcher’s gear, protective gear, etc.); football equipment (including footballs, helmets, shoulder pads, football pants and pads); lacrosse equipment (including sticks, helmets and protective gear); soccer balls and shin guards; basketballs; girls’ softball equipment (including gloves, bats, softballs and helmets); tennis rackets; and hockey equipment (including sticks, helmets, gloves, pants, pads and protective gear). Donated items should be clean and in good working condition, and include all necessary parts.

Those who are interested in the mission of 2nd Chance Sports, and who are eager to join the effort to provide sports equipment to children in need, are invited to learn more about the organization and find a list of equipment drop-off locations by visiting www.2ndchancesports.org.


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2nd Chance Sports, a non-profit, has appointed Anthony Sica as President. It donates sporting equipment to children in need throughout the NYC area.

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