Bringing Ancient Practice into a Technological Age

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HONG KONG--()--Developed in China over 3,000 years ago, the ancient practice of fengshui still brings good fortune, balance and harmony to our busy lives today. But how do you bring traditional philosophies into a modern digital age?

Warren Lau, CEO of the MJC I-Ching Research Centre, is the driving force behind the web-based fengshui consultancy, “I believe that technology is key to living a better life,” says Lau. “You have to adapt for the digital world if you’re going to stay at the right side of history.”

Many of the features and functions of the platform echo fengshui rituals. An example is the Feng Shui Garden, ( Once they’ve registered as members, users can plant their own fengshui trees in a virtual garden, where they will grow and thrive over time. “Inspired by the ritual of throwing a coin into a fountain to make a wish, we wanted to create a space that you can return to for good luck,” says Lau.

The Divination Temple ( invites users to draw divination sticks for predictions of love, health, family, work and more. Lau explains, “There is a specific God protecting each different sector of life, and therefore a specific temple for each.”

For those looking to expand their knowledge and experience of fengshui, an eBook Library ( and a Video eClassroom ( offer portals to read about the subject and attend online courses. “Right now, we’re hosting a Feng Shui Interior Design 101 eCourse,” says Lau, with more topics in the pipeline.

Applying fengshui principles to interior design is wildly popular and the Online Interior Feng Shui Consultancy ( allows users to upload floor plans for quotations and proposals from fengshui consultants. Using the website chat box, consultants can chat to users in real time about what improvements should be made and can recommend specific artefacts for certain areas.

For those considering implementing fengshui principles, Lau offers this encouragement, “Most people don’t realise that fengshui is a science—it has great impact on our well-being. Humans have certain intuitions and instincts that are present in our subconscious. By applying knowledge of this to our interior spaces, we improve our mental well-being, and in turn, our luck.”


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