TOKU-E Innovators Launch New Water-Based Rifampicin Solution

BELLINGHAM, Wash.--()--TOKU-E Company is thrilled to announce our newest product, launching today. We have developed a Rifampicin antibiotic product that is fully soluble in water!

Rifampicin is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that is not traditionally soluble in water and is mostly sold in powder forms. Weighing small amounts of Rifampicin powder is a tedious job, and it can be difficult to avoid human inhalation during preparation of solutions. Stock solutions of Rifampicin are usually prepared by dissolving the material in methanol or DMSO, which is toxic to many plant and mammalian cells. Because of the many issues related to working with traditional Rifampicin powder, TOKU-E Company developed Rifampicin Solution (10mg/mL in water). TOKU-E’s Rifampicin Solution is much more user-friendly and is non-toxic to plant cells and mammalian cell cultures.

TOKU-E Company specializes in developing and manufacturing antibiotics and antimycotics for cell biology, plant biology, and microbiology. We are committed to bridging the application gap between antibiotics and antimycotics, and between pharmaceuticals and cell biology, plant biology, and microbiology – and doing this all while being a leading innovator in the bioscience sector.

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Release Summary

A new, safer alternative to your Rifampicin Solution now available! TOKU-E is thrilled to announce our new water-based Rifampicin Solution.

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