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Radiant Logic Announces Certification of its RadiantOne Big Data Directory with IBM Security Access Manager

NOVATO, Calif.--()--Radiant Logic, pioneering provider of the federated identity service based on virtualization, has long offered users of IBM Security Access Manager—or “ISAM”—tight integration between its RadiantOne Federated Identity Service (FID) and the various iterations of ISAM. Today, Radiant Logic highlights the recent certification of HDAP, the RadiantOne Big Data Directory, as an ISAM registry server.

“Speed and performance aren’t the only benefits, HDAP also leverages our virtualization layer, serving as storage for a synchronization powerhouse”

As the world’s first LDAP directory based on search technology, RadiantOne Big Data Directory allows enterprises to harness the power of large cluster and elastic computing in their identity infrastructure. When coupled with RadiantOne FID’s advanced virtualization, organizations can deploy the customized “views” of their identity infrastructure that their applications require, whether they are located on-premises or in the cloud. With HDAP, those views are stored in a high-performance LDAP directory that’s always on and up to date, scaling dynamically based on demand.

According to Eric Ross, Vice President of Alliances at Radiant Logic, “We are pleased to announce the certification of RadiantOne Big Data Directory for use with IBM Security Access Management solution. As part of the already-certified RadiantOne federated identity platform, this modern directory will enable our shared customers to scale to hundreds of millions of users and queries.”

Integrating, Storing, and Sharing a Global View of Identity for ISAM

The RadiantOne platform offers advanced virtualization, federated identity, and a super-scalable directory store, making it easy for companies to leverage the federation pattern across both the access and identity layers. With the heavy lifting done seamlessly in the integration layer, sizable enterprises can now evolve and extend their identity without disrupting their existing identity environment, modifying underlying sources, or extending their schemas to accommodate ISAM requirements.

“Our customers rely on RadiantOne’s common identity hub to serve both their current classic WAM deployments and their federation infrastructures, enhancing policy flexibility with access to more attributes for authorization and speeding performance dramatically thanks to the elastic computing capabilities of the RadiantOne Big Data Directory,” said Michel Prompt, co-founder and CEO of Radiant Logic. “With RadiantOne, companies can quickly authenticate users across diverse data stores, accommodate new user stores without months of custom coding, and present identity data in the exact format that ISAM expects.”

The Secret to Directory Virtualization Speed: HDAP, the RadiantOne Big Data Directory

As the final staging engine for the RadiantOne Federated Identity Service, Radiant’s Big Data Directory provides the speed and scalability large enterprises require. A Big Data-driven iteration of LDAP, HDAP enables enterprises to add or remove servers/nodes at will, increasing or decreasing throughput as needed. The HDAP-enabled RadiantOne system can be radically upgraded to handle high demand—without missing a beat or slowing access. RadiantOne Big Data Directory is able to handle 120,000 queries per second on a 3-node cluster with 50 million users’ identities. And because the image is replicated across all nodes, load balancing allows the system to increase the aggregated throughput in a near-linear fashion.

“Speed and performance aren’t the only benefits, HDAP also leverages our virtualization layer, serving as storage for a synchronization powerhouse,” said Claude Samuelson, VP of Engineering at Radiant Logic. “By deploying a full LDAP directory on top of a cluster, RadiantOne offers extremely tight levels of replication between nodes, ensuring that the image of the enterprise’s entire identity infrastructure is always kept up to date across every node. So it’s the perfect complement to modern ISAM deployments, enabling faster authentication and authorization across even the most complex identity infrastructures.”

Don’t Miss Radiant at the IBM Think! Conference, March 19-22

The Radiant team will be at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for the upcoming IBM Think conference. Visit us at booth 164 to explore the RadiantOne Federated Identity Service and our Big Data Directory and discover how the RadiantOne platform can help evolve and extend ISAM deployments.

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As the market-leading provider of federated identity systems based on virtualization, Radiant Logic delivers simple, logical, and standards-based access to all identity within an organization. The RadiantOne federated identity service enables customizable identity views built from disparate data silos, driving critical authentication and authorization decisions for WAM, federation, and cloud deployments. Fortune 1000 companies, including General Electric, McDonald’s, Wells Fargo, Monsanto, Deere & Co., and Intel, rely on RadiantOne to deliver quick ROI by reducing administrative effort, simplifying integration, and building a flexible infrastructure to meet changing business demands. For more information, visit www.radiantlogic.com.


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