HollyWeed™ North Cannabis Inc. & TerraCube™ International Inc. Announce Debut of Commercial Personal TerraCube™ Stackable Cleanroom Technology for Growth & Processing

LOS ANGELES--()--HollyWeed™ North Cannabis Inc. and TerraCube™ International Inc. have announced the debut of their commercial and personal TerraCube™ stackable cleanroom technology for growth and processing. Their space-age, modular rooms are purpose built to be used in demanding commercial settings and their home grow units provide ease and sophistication for high value consumers.

Led by experts in technology, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning), pharmaceutical production and advanced technology manufacturing, TerraCube™ is the world’s most advanced method to manufacture high-value plants in a clean, scalable way.

TerraCube™ cubes are leased, not sold to reduce startup capital needed for smaller producers, while allowing larger commercial producers to scale and predict outputs with greater accuracy. The units are environmentally sensitive and models offered include 40’ industrial producer with separate vestibule as well as a MiniCube™ “home grow” unit for the avid hobbyist that offers low entry with an affordable personal use lease option. The personal growth module is designed for plug in and grow and includes a binder providing instructions that will keep all growers compliant with the FDA/DEA/Health Canada.

Why TerraCube™? If you operate in a regulated environment in which plant material is required, TerraCube™ is one of the only ways possible to ensure each crop is grown identically to prior crops in a precise, duplicable and hygienic manner. This helps growers ensure their price per gram with wholesalers.

Crops grown as medical-grade in TerraCube™ are of a superior quality and with the recent expansion of cannabis use for medical purposes, TerraCube™ helps to improve research and medical breakthroughs through the development of compliant rooms with top technology at cost effective prices.

TerraCube™ is a private company based in British Columbia Canada, a subsidiary of HollyWeed™ North Cannabis Inc. which is TerraCube’s™ first contracted customer. The company has filed numerous patents and/or industrial design applications in the USA and other countries for a variety of components, features and products.

About HollyWeed™North Cannabis Inc.: HollyWeed operates as licenser and publisher of their partner’s intellectual properties (recipes, formulas, etc.) and distributes products within legal jurisdictions, extending partner brands into multiple markets.

They provide cross-border cannabis product research, development, licensing and legal production services for individuals, companies, and associations. Their goal is to provide continuous quality and compliance oversight in all areas of business operations to exceed regulatory requirements.

HollyWeed™ North and TerraCube Inc. were both founded by Renee M Gagnon, founder of one of Canada's first Licensed Producers (EMH.V), and the first Female CEO of a publicly-traded federally licensed Cannabis Company (2015). HollyWeed™ North Cannabis, TerraCube™ and MiniCube™ are trademarks of their respective owners.

For further information, please visit http://hollyweednorth.com/.


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HollyWeed™ North Cannabis Inc. & TerraCube™ International Inc. Announce Debut Of TerraCube™ Stackable Cleanroom Technology For Growth & Processing

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